The Art Of Rivalry: Grudge Match [A One Time Exclusive] Original Version

Don’t typically comment on sports related things so this is probably the last time i’ll be making a blog on a matter like this hence the “one time exclusive” designation in the title, but Look man, fuck  the sour pussy vibes. This Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather stuff is going to be on-point! xD. Whether MMA or Boxing (though i’m a very HUGE fan of MMA), i’m a fan of ALL of it to be honest. So I don’t know about all this other cry-baby gibberish people are talking about.
“ohh floyd is a ‘boxer’ and mcgregor is an MMA waaaa-hoo-hooo this can’t happen” — as far as i’m concerned, that’s just shitty excuses. Once you get your shit together, you can do any fucking thing, so what the fuck are morons even crying about? xD. These niggas sound PATHETIC!.
Hilarity aside, the context here is; these are two titans stepping up, to run the fucking fade. This is a “put up or shut up” situation, a goddamn fucking GRUDGE-MATCH. So all the crybabies just need to sit the fuck down and calm the fuck down because clearly motherfuckers are not grasping the correct-context of the situation.
And the comparisons to other sports are way waaaay off the mark LMAO. There are disciplines in MMA that are SIMILAR to boxing, so for me or for someone to say this is like a skier doing rock climbing or a hockey player doing wrestling, is a very big exaggeration…
This is more like someone who knows a little bit of ping-pong, looking to play tennis :D. Or a short distance-runner becoming a long-distance runner :D. Or an Indy 500 pro, wanting to enter F1. And just because someone is a great basketball-player, doesn’t mean they can’t become a great soccer player :D. #ProfessionalTips
How people are seeing this is “Boxing vs MMA”, completely missing the point that there is going to be no MMA, it’s going to be one dude boxing who is the clear professional boxer, and then the other guy who is going to be also ‘boxing’, that nobody knows anything else about, other than what he was doing on the MMA side of things.
I am not saying who will win or who won’t. The point is, this Sets-up something unprecedented, this is not really the average “celebrity boxing” match, this is a clash between two real professional fighters in a grudge-match, in the truest sense of what that really means — something you have NOT seen before. So all stereotypical views and conventional rules largely do not matter in this situation.
Sure there is money involved, it is always about money, but the money always goes to what people feel is interesting — they make that determination. Also the fact is, it’s not every event that would potentially total the kind of cash in the context of what we’re seeing here when two titans clash either, so fuck the money. It’s always about the money when it comes to these things BUT “the money” often doesn’t go to the stuff people find mediocre. So all of this is truly besides the point.

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