The Universe From a Super-Religious Mind

Yeah so here’s this crazy guy giving you my thoughts once again on something that’s all around humanity!, because this crazy guy just loves this kind of stuff :D. I’m sure you at times have heard of the flat earth theories and things of this nature, and if you haven’t, you probably are too consumed with the small minded “news” garbage running down your twitter feed or youtube notifications from wannabes trying to make a fortune off such junk to be the next CNN or FOX, thinking that they are true “journalists” from the comfort of their own phones, pretty much just copy and pasting stuff that’s already out there…

This ain’t that!. This is my views on this whole issue about earth and other natural things, that I think you may also find interest in, because we are not just living in a bubble. There are some incredible and mind-blowing circumstances surrounding this habitat we know as earth.

I seriously don’t mind people feeling that the earth is flat — people have their own opinions and the earth really does seem flat. This use to be something on my mind as well, but the more I thought about it, and the more I tried to educate myself on the issue, is the more I grew into wisdom and I realized that the earth just “seems” to be flat to our perception, but in fact, it is actually like a ball suspended in a massive void that we know these days as outer-space. The issue with this situation, is that I begin to realize that there is a lot of very strange and mysterious metrics that make up the universe, that calculate or coordinate to have an effect on stuff, which is a system of factors that can be considered truly complicated.

People talk about stuff being complex, but those things are practically JOKES compared to factors of our very existence, which are really really hard to grasp. The earth seems flat, but it isn’t, just as how the earth seems like it’s “still”, but most people who study the earth’s behavior would most certainly tell you that the earth is not at a stand-still. The earth is actually in an orbit and is moving in a relatively 360-Degree motion, at a significant rate of speed that will make your draw drop if you found out just how fast the orbit really is, but yet our perception is that the earth is fixated and isn’t actually moving — it looks this way to us because we can walk around on it, or perhaps because the only time the ground beneath us shakes, is if there is a massive earth quake or some other explainable terrestrial turbulence. But the reality is, the earth is actually moving around an orbit at an extreme velocity.

If that wasn’t enough, the earth itself is also “spinning” on its axis. So we have the earth going around an orbit that circumferences the sun, but then the earth itself is actually turning in addition to that motion, but at the same time to most of us, that’s not in our every day perception, because we know when certain things happen in a certain way, there is usually an affect according to how we are familiar with things and the physics within earth, and yet in an extraterrestrial context, there are plenty of things that are happening but do not seem to make sense when these events and such are put in contrast with the things we think we know here within earth. This is the same type of scenario we are facing with the earth seeming as though it is flat, based on the way we are able to move around on it and because of certain things we know about flat-surfaces, but this is where you begin to realize how really strange the universe and the earth actually is — the earth is actually “spherical” but feels as though it is flat, how can that be?, that very questionable dynamic is a clear sign that we do not have full knowledge or understanding of how things really work, since the physics down here that people like you and me are accustomed too, are teaching us one thing, but what is really out there is teaching us that everything is not always what they seem.

Another thing is, the earth’s atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere is very sensitive to light, especially light that is not man-made, like the rays from the sun. For instance, when certain places of the earth spins toward where there is sun light, it becomes day and we can see the “sky”. That blue sky that you are seeing is actually an atmospheric “barrier” or “layer” that is visible because of the sun’s light. You can tell this (in a very basic way) because the moment there is no sunlight, and whatever part of the earth you are in moves away from the zone of the sun, that’s when the overwhelming darkness of space starts to creep back in, and then you have the effect that is known as night. This is when the barrier or layer (pretty much the ozone layer) is no longer visible (because of the absence of light) and you can once again see the stars, the moon and these things that are actually out there. On some nights where there is still some traces of light lingering, you could still sort of see the sky, but that doesn’t last too long and eventually it becomes invisible and you’ll just be looking at outer-space.

So there is really alot of interesting and down right perplexing conditions that combine to make things as we know it work the way they work, and given the consistencies involved, as much as they are not easily explainable, I don’t think they are just there out of coincidence. I think many of these things actually revolve around a significant purpose. I think that goes for what occurs within our own immediate system, and extends even to some of the most remote planets and galaxies that exist.

I also think there is a possibility that what happened in our past (due to our ways, differences etc), following all the way up to the current century, are significant factors that played a roll in where we are at in terms of what we ultimately know in this current day-and-age about our very own existence. So by the same token, we will need to seek the correct knowledge and truths about these issues to start building back the puzzle of life on our end, and do as good as we can to really get the picture straight and continue trying to get it straight.

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