The Crackdown On Falsehoods (“Non-Believing” Ignorance) [EXTENDED]

The intelligence-insulting nerve of some people with their fabricated simplistic (and often very selfish) views on life. Thinking that with all the garbage unwise rhetoric they talk, and with all of the misused air they consume, and with all of the saturation of crap they produce, and with all of these things being a product of fine genetics, in a place that somehow all of this just so happens to work in, that there is no greater meaning to any of this. They just care about themselves and the “normal” stuff because that’s what every other oblivious person does. It’s too much of a strain on the brain to burst out of their clouded box of simplicity.

There is literally only two forms of physical matter in the universe, that of living beings, and that of dust-materials. Mankind did not make themselves and you would have to be a very highly silly Individual to think we just came from dust and chemicals…

The first man and the first woman would have had to be originally produced by a source that was there before them and they would have had to be made as fully grown man and women, since if it was as a baby, they would not have lasted a day without atleast someone or something around to nurture boy/girl/them as babies, and if you are admitting that there was something around to nurture the first “baby” to ever creep/crawl on the earth, then there would be no other way to go than to conclude that what ever was there (with said baby), was an intelligent life form (if not the most intelligent, certainly the most capable thing around at the time for it to have understood or have what it takes to care for a human baby).

It could not have been a man or a woman taking care of the baby OBVIOUSLY, since the baby was the first actual human to ever exist, and there was obviously none before it to nurture it when it was created.

Now, if you are admitting that it was not a baby that first walked the earth, but infact a “man”, you are still back at square one because a human being does not just appear at random knowing what to do and how to live. What we “do” and how we live are human principles that are commonly learned overtime from a human perspective, because a fully grown human that lacks experience or atleast some kind of guidance, would be just as inept as an ignorant child, and just like a child, more harm to himself than good if left with his abundance of detrimental ignorance, lack of understanding etc, and again humans also “make” and “produce” other humans, but there could not have been another human that made the first man/woman, because obviously if so, then they would not have been the “first” man/human xD.

Whatever there was at the time, at said first human’s creation, could not have been a human (because there could only be one “first” human) and would have had to have existed before humans, and obviously have life itself in order give it. And from what we know, even today, a human just doesn’t simply show up with developed habits, traits and behavior necessary to live in a random “accidental” place, that should have never been around, and further more be that way perfectly fine for hundreds, thousands and millions of years in a place where it was never meant to be.

We are obviously designed to live on and make the best of earth, and this isn’t a situation that just happens by accident, or by luck — it happens by nature, and nature typically leans more toward the intelligent side of the scale, and what produces the most “sense” for a particular type of situation, that’s why we have sense of feel, sense of sight, sense of hearing, and sense of taste on earth, to truly take advantage of things that are themselves natural products of earth because we are naturally a product of intelligence, this is at the core of our existence, we are not just here because of “nothing”, that’s just the nonsense of a person that has nothing to offer, like most “non-believers”.

Our “life” as we know it, is a series of intelligent factors that just don’t “happen”. There is far more reasonably conclusive logic behind the fact that our origins where built based on intelligent factors and circumstances, than not. To me, to think otherwise or in the opposite direction is counter-intuitive, counter-productive and unwittingly backwards. You can go in that direction if you want, but greater intelligence isn’t going to be silly enough, and closed-minded enough, to follow you along in that “meaningless” direction that most of us know produces “nothing”.

Lets “deny” the fact that all living things share the same ability of reproduction (life is certainly no accident and is not “not meant to happen”). Lets “deny” that even though there may be micro-organisms or bigger-organisms, they are still proven to come from other organisms, if they are things that are “living”. Scientist even know this, but obviously the crappy “strategy” here is for certain people to “deny” indefinitely, without having to truly admit anything. Lets all just “deny” the fact that in order for the existence of any lifeforms (yet alone humanity) to even be around in the first place, there has to be, first, very CRITICAL processes involved in that instance, and these instances are very rare (in fact practically non-existent) anywhere else in the universe outside of us actually living these rarities here on earth, since it’s clear that these things are within our very nature. Lets also “deny” the fact that we know life as this great presence, that has a tendency to re-cycle and “reproduce” itself and actually spread to FRUITION in a circumstance that’s often mocked to be accidental and often trivialized to be the result of nothing more than a “disaster” that was waiting to happen out of some big-bang xD.

But these “spiritual” people, do not want to believe our circumstance is infact a matter of intentional and intelligent origination, solely because of the fact that it’s “tooo supa-natuwalllll!!” :D. Pure B.S, even the process of re-creating a whole life is a super-natural ability in of itself. To even exist on a planet as “small” as this, with so many activity going on at once, compared to other much larger planets, systems etc that are pretty much barren considering what we have going on over here, could even be considered a supernatural phenomenon. What we see all around us are signs of creations, the mare essence of creating and creation, is a supernatural reality on its own.

The earth has a steady steam of plentiful oxygen for us to breathe and for some to operate under the rock of ignorance and denial every day — it has been like that for, not seven days a week, but for hundreds and thousands and even millions of years. Same thing with the sun’s energy, the gravity and all other things that makes the system of life function as we know it, on a steady and consistent basis — these are all super-natural events by very definition.

Super-natural “structure”, construct and design is what keeps life around, this is something we depend on, it works in our favor, it is what we need, what we have and what we strive to maintain, we are a growing people, we develop in stages, so does most of the things we depend on — this system of ORDER is too great and vital to “deny”, since order is a significant sign of constructive force, and “things” don’t just become constructive on their own, it’s usually the effect that was caused by an intuitive origin.

But non-believes “deny” these very telling principles and signs because they do not want to believe there is a GOD. In their minds, “It doesn’t happen where I want it, or how I want it, or when I want it, so therefore because I can’t be a snobby-prick with it, it’s dead to me”, these are sort of like perfect examples of drama-queens with their “speed-dial sense of ‘spirituality'” if you will LOL.

But even more funny is i’m sure many of these fucking irrational people follow and believe in other kinds of religious customs, like 7 days in a week, a having a fucking “wife”, filling the globe up with their godless kiddie litter — these people are just fucking contemptuous drones. That’s basically what these people are, they know they are fucked-up without committing to the ways of ancient wisdom without admitting it.

Lets be honest, all these half-way responsible and “decent” people talking so peachy and “good” with out being religious and without GOD, aren’t all just knowing these things in the nobility of their conscience, fuck no! these motherfuckers are godly-influenced, and alot of these things they are actually influenced by were originally rooted in religion. So for a silly fool to be doing these “normal” fucking things of society but then claim oh they done believe in god, and all of these other things, is just proof of blatant stupidity and the fact that they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. I cannot take these clowns seriously — these people are influenced as fuck, they are just confused.

I prefer this road of wisdom because it proved to be the way to go. It helps us gain valuable knowledge and perhaps brings us to a place where we can understand if we really have to accept things they way they are or if we can in fact accomplish much deeper, and much more interesting things. So what if you would have to abide by principles?, this is the number one thing that gets some of these shallow-thinkers(non-believers) steaming. They are afraid of discipline and respect, they are afraid of order and accountability the do not know how to handle these situations. They will take and they will leech, they will make excuses, and they believe that someone else will pick up the slack. they lack fully functional conscience, afraid of judging but ironically do a fair bit of that themselves. This is clearly not the way of the wise.

10 thoughts on “The Crackdown On Falsehoods (“Non-Believing” Ignorance) [EXTENDED]

  1. You shared some compelling thoughts here about why God’s existence is so undeniable, Pata! Reminds me of this Scripture:

    Ps 14:1-3
    The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds,
    there is none who does good.

    2 The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man,
    to see if there are any who understand,
    who seek after God.

    3 They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt;
    there is none who does good,
    not even one.

    I am so grateful for how merciful our Father is, to have saved us from the unrighteousness inherent in the adamic nature we all inherited, by His immense love!

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    1. hahaha awww thank you Jennifer for reading my topic and letting me know what you feel and for sharing that resounding passage from our lord and savior; amen my friend πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ™.

      I do not think I have actually read this scripture before, I have heard where it says that “the fool says in his heart. there is no god” alot but finally getting to read the full verse does emphasize a very serious lesson and reminder, and i’m so glad that from with-in, I atleast knew that when it comes to life, GOD is the answer.

      Trying to grasp life from just what we and our ancestors have accomplished, are manmade philosophies that just gives us a false sense of hope and encourages people to put faith and value in the wrong things. So thank you for sharing this verse and exposing me to even more of GOD’s love.

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      1. I’m smiling joyfully reading your words. You are so welcome, my dearest Pata! Isn’t His word liberating and powerful? Makes me think of Jeremiah’s expression, “When Your words came, I ate them!”

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        1. Ohh yes exactly Jennifer, his words are powerful in ways you just don’t see coming πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Hahaha Jeremiah’s expression is so true, the almighty’s words is like the cherry ontop lol.

          Every time I hear or read about this stuff that you share over here and on you blog, there is just nothing like it. It just lifts you up like no other; there is just something about it that fills you up with a renewed sense. It’s like deep down something that you really want to become, so i’m with Jeremiah — you are what you eat 🀣

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          1. Pata, I am so blessed by that. Truly, thank you for the encouragement! It, in turn, lifts my spirit up wonderfully!

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            1. aww that gives me a fantastic sense of happiness to know that you, my friend, my dear precious friend, truly embraces all of the compassion and encouragement that I share with you pata πŸ’˜πŸ˜„

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              1. Another joyful chuckle from my spirit! I absolutely do! :D

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                1. lol very sweet, I share this same sense of glorious bliss with you Jennifer

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                    1. οΈπŸŽ‰βœŒοΈπŸ’™πŸ˜„

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