Food For Thought: The Sweet Truth

Whoa! I must be a like a super ****ing man or something, because with all this talk about sugar not being good, then with the amount of sugar I intake, I should be DEAD by now xD. I was eating sugar-stuffed stuff from since I was a little boy, and still to this day consume far more sugar than I think I ever have, and yet I DO NOT have the “end of days” issues that has been said will happen is you consume lots of sugar, and that’s because, I just know my limits, I naturally have an extremely high tolerance for sugar — critics could come with all of the medical recites they want to, but at the end of the day, people are different and my results speak for themselves, which all conclude too the fact that I do not have detrimental health related issues because of my high volumes of sugar intake.

The real issue i find, is that at the core people have a higher tolerance for certain things than others, and if you don’t respect your limits you’re just going to have to deal with the consequences — if you don’t take care of your “temple”, it will crumble :D. So if your body cannot handle even the slightest amounts of sugar (never mind someone like me who can just burn through super-sweet stuff like nothing), if you can’t handle even a pinch of sugar (or oil, or fats) then stay away from the ****ing sugar, or levels of sugar that you know you cannot ****ing handle.

I clearly do not have problems with sugar or the things I consume, so i cannot live my life for those with these issues and cannot realistically apply my habits and customary choice of approach to certain things diet-wise to them, but the reality is this, someone telling me not to take sugar doesn’t mean ****, because sugar does nothing to me, and by-the-way I’m not talking about stuff based on some generalized “study”, I’m talking about a life that I live, and in the life that I live “sugar” does not do **** to me.

Truth be told, “sugar” is just one side of the issue, because sugar does not make people have diabetes or become overweight solely on its on, if that were the case, many naturally growing fruits would be killing alot more people than helping, what you’re not being told is that pretty much all of the people you see having issues related to diabetes, being over-weight etc, have genetic pre-existing deficiencies and inefficiencies that contribute to most of these conditions, it’s just that when they go and consume sugar and/or so called junk foods, it makes things WORSE for THEM due to the fact that they are genetically unstable in these areas. So it’s clearly not really the ****ing sugar that’s the issue, it’s more to do with the fact that there are people who have sensative genetic issues that prevent them from being able to handle certain levels of sugar, fats etc etc. I personally do not have said issues (I do not have diabetes and I am far from being “overweight”, in fact, my body type is pretty much athletic), I consume alot of sugar in my life and various kinds of edibles and I am a very healthy individual, not only do my medical tests back this up, but also as an individual I feel very good……

So if your body has a problem with handling fats and sugar in foods, then why on earth would anyone with these challenges be ****ing around with these things?. Why does it take some silly ass politician “taxing” sweet stuff to get the message across to the population that you are to avoid stuff you can’t handle and that are detriment to you?.

By now everyone should know, It’s not the food, it’s the person, and it’s also not just food — why is there no strong emphasis on activity? — you hear all this talk about food and sugar, but the emphasis on activity is pathetically low. If you get yourself into a situation, a sensible person would look to get themselves out of a situation, and just eating stuff in alot of these severe cases, is factually not enough to get out of some of these situations, some aspects of health needs to be physically worked on via a remedy of balance i.e proper diet as well as aiding the body by physical development, so yeah me compared to the average person, while I may consume extremely high levels of sugar by comparison (depending on what “study” you want to go with), at the end of the day I’m not a slouch, I carry my own weight — I’m very energetic/aggressive.

I am a pretty active dude, from since I was a kid i was not just active, i was practically hyper-active. I was in sports, playing physically demanding games with my friends and riding bikes on evenings and stuff. **** the political ****ing about sugar, in most cases people just need to get off their ass and stop sitting on vital opportunities that could effectively accelerate your positive well-being. And in a lot of cases, most of these situations are hereditary as in they are diseases, it’s not just that many people who have these issue take alot of sugar filled stuff, it’s that many of these conditions are genetically “set-up”, from linage to lineage. So i sympathize with many of the individuals with these inherited conditions. The main issue at the core of this topic is the reject of the potential propaganda and down-right fabrications surrounding these serious issues that could be some what misguided or misleading.

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  1. Thanks to all who read the blog ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Hope what was said was insightful to you and helpful to you in understanding some of the various dynamics that come into play, when it comes to issue concerning health and diet โœŒ๏ธโœŠโœŠ:D. I also updated the blog to make corrections with typos and also articulated certain aspects more clearly.


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