Best Foot Forward (No Low Standards)

Lets talk truth and reality. Failure is set-back, what I realize is that there are some fucking clowns who encourage you to fail, as if you’re playing a game where you have multiple chances and extra lives — that is not how real life works. What makes a man and a woman is not failure, what makes a man an a woman is GROWING UP.

I mean some people fail and that’s all they keep doing, they keep failing and failing and being sloppy and being messy. My advice is not to fail, my advice is to stay focused and look for things that help you elevate and not stifle, because the honest and brutal reality is, sometimes you do not get a fucking second or third chances, sometimes there is NO room for failure. And if you keep doing the same fucking thing all the fucking time and it keeps fucking failing, it’s just time stop expecting different results. I think that’s the definition of “insanity”, which is another way of saying = failure. And there is a reason why you have such a bad reaction to failure, it’s because to anyone with a brain on, who is not doing drugs or anything that alters “healthy” thought-process of the mind, the frustration is to keep you grounded, it’s your natural way to want to do better, you’re not a goddamn dummy and you understand that something went wrong and your thought is “how do I make it right”, how do I have success, how do I stop being a failure here, because this is going nowhere, it’s garbage. Failure IS a part of life, but there is a reason why it’s known as “FAILURE”.

I can understand some people being sheltered and very fortunate to where they can compensate and make-up for some really bad fuck-ups, but alot people never had this kind of fortune, they had to work as hard as ever for what they achieved, and failure for them is very bad, it’s not a fun thing, it’s not just bad because they are going to be mopping around feeling sorry for themselves, but it’s very bad because in real life, there is real consequences for failure — you don’t always “get better” with the ability to move on — that’s a happy time story :D. The life doesn’t always go like that, so prevention is better than cure.

People tend to talk about failure like it’s fun, and these types of individuals don’t really relate to why people see failure as something people don’t have time for, or interest in. These folks thinking foolish, tend to see it as people are “scared of failure”, but it’s not about that part, it’s more that the reality is that people just have basic sense, you know, when you put mouths to feed behind it, and other urgent serious matters into the picture, then you begin to see it in more realistic terms. Failure in reality just isn’t a good place to be, most people actually much rather find out how to STOP “failing” at something, for good reason.

So do not fail just to fail, it is absolutely silly. That should not be what you’re focused on LOL. The fact is, certain opportunities may never come by again, that’s just the reality. I think the real piece of advice that’s TRULY important in what you do, is that you should always try your best. Don’t say “oh failure is alright”, No! that’s a low standard you’re setting for yourself, always try to push yourself further and further, and as much as you can.  

Also is you tried and you DIDN’T fail, that’s good that’s precious time you DID NOT HAVE TO WASTE. What you can do with that is pass on your experience to others if anything, and you should be very VERY happy with what you have accomplished. Don’t mind people talking about that you should fail blah blah, no talk is cheap, that’s not how life works, in life you win sometimes and lose sometimes, so don’t be ill-advised by nonsense because then you’ll be doing it to please people. Do not get into the habit of doing frivolous things to please people, because that’s not how life works, because when you end up in some serious failure, they are nowhere to be found.

So fact of the matter is, you can create delusions and lie to yourself, but failure remains failure until you decide to advance from that state, and into a stage of progression — most wise and mature minds see failure as a waste of time, because in reality that’s what it is. certainly you can “learn lessons” SOMETIMES, but just because you “failed” something, does not necessarily mean you where ignorant at what it is you were doing, therefore after a while it just gets old fast, it just gets very stupid, and people with a mind of their own just understand that time is something you can’t get back…

4 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward (No Low Standards)

    1. haha thanks alot Sumit Jaitely, I appreciate your feedback my friend πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ’―πŸ˜†

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        1. Kool bro πŸ˜„βœŒπŸ‘Œ


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