Chauvinistic Diets [Raw Version]

To get an understanding of what I mean by a Chauvinistic Diet, see this comment:

Will i go on some weird diet?, hahaha nah I can’t let myself believe the hype. I still firmly believe that unless you need to be on a diet for a serious reason, bullshit diets ain’t going to do shit for you — it’s your entire lifestyle you need to take into account and get in order as a personal responsibility, which makes all the difference, and which means different things required for different folks.

One thing to learn from adam and eve, is that people alive today are not adam and eve, and the fact is, even a “fruit” fucked up them up xD. The lesson is, the serpent knew they were ignorant to a degree, and in my opinion similarly doing stuff out of ignorance fueled by insecurities or because some source or study said so, can “backfire”, especially when “cherry” picking to devise a chauvinistic dichotomy :D.

So know yourself and know what you’re getting into because doing bullshit might more-or-less result in bullshit outcomes, not necessarily meaning it may be an overly dramatic outcome, but perhaps, making a mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill kind of “outcome”, or worst yet, digging your self into a greater hole. “Fad” menus and fad Chauvinistic-Diets in most cases just boil down to be insignificant personalized menus.

1 thought on “Chauvinistic Diets [Raw Version]

  1. Thank you readers for checking this topic out. I hope you all had a happy easter.


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