Asphalt 8: My Garage PART 2 UPDATED [JAN/6th/2019]

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OOO’ snap! :O. Did killa just reveal his most incredible hot wheels phenoms he RIPS up the tracks with in Asphalt 8?. Did killa really go there?, could this beeeee???

Of course it can! :D. Anything is possible with me, I am that unpredictable and today with great pleasure I give you a first observation into my legendary Asphalt 8 car collection :D. I have been playing Asphalt 8 for a while as i have mentioned in previous blogs, and have been having a terrific time, and during the process I have accumulated some very fast rides :D.
So i’m going to be dropping some images etc, in here from time-to-time until I am able to finally move into something bigger which i plan to, in regards to what i would like you to experience with me while I play through the game, which will be possible down the road. But for right now, put on your seat belts on :O
*Notice: this new blog is a continuation of part one over here:
Happy new years to all of you :D, and I hope you had a wonderful christmas season — whoa! it’s January 2019 already hahaha. Where did that time go?, it happened almost as fast as I go around he race track lmao. Speaking of which, I have a brand new set of speedy rides to show off that I recently snatched up. They are not really that impressive performance wise since there is already cars inn the game that are on part, that make them very redundant, but how I had to perform to get them is another epic story, and atleast they still add to my total resources in the game overall, so in that sense, they are a welcome addition to my collection:
Lamborghini Centenario…
Lamborghini Centenario Showcase:…………
Infinity Vision GT…
Infinity Vision GT Showcase:……………
Not impressed by their actual performance but atleast I personally benefited from the challenges in their respective events, and the fact that they increase my stack of resources more than anything else :D.
Check the following link for by assessment of the two recent events that were part of the Christmas Update in Asphalt 8, which I had I took part in to win these cars:
It’s been a while since I did one of these show and tells but here comes another one :D. Say hello to the newest edition to Asphalt 8, the Apollo Intensa Emozione:
Apollo Intensa Emozione
That’s just a few “snaps” from inside of my garage (as with all of my other pictures in here and in the other Road Runner spin-off), and because you are seeing this picture in here, you probably assume that I actually have this car, which is certainly true!. I actually played through the car’s recent R&D and won it. It’s “Research And Development” event was “brutal”, but I prevailed because I was speedily “vicious” hahahaa.
One thing to note about these “king” cars in this game (which this Apollo Intensa Emozione is), is that they don’t have the best stats in each category but the real deal about them is that they have great stats in ALL categories which is what separates them form many of the other cars. Many of the cars either have two really good stats or 1 extremely strong stat, but the Apollo Intensa Emozione is designed to be the new “king” of Asphalt 8, and these “kings” are typically designed to be overpowered, which essentially boils down to having very good proficiency in all stats, pretty much another way of saying = a car that’s actually good :D.

But I’ll save the “review” and “analysis” for another blog since this topic is more about the pictures, and I need to save space for more :D. Checkout my wordpress comments section since I will say more about this car and some thing about the game there!.

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