Explore Cannabis (Raw Edition Archive)

These are Archived sessions from my “Comments [RAW EDITION]” section, posted to my main blog page with their titles so that they can be identified and tracked better.

These usually contain strong language and I will try to transfer one or two occasionally. I greatly appreciate all of you for checking them out — your thoughts and comments are also welcomed.

YO! another day, some more insight and wisdom for the masses, so lets talk about this krap! :D. Remember it’s all about the life that GOD created, lots of respect to our holy father, GOD almighty.

I’m taking a look at the krap called Cannabis amongst other things — legalization has good potential, just like most other vegetation, so it will be interesting to explore other powerful things that Cannabis can be used for. Many of you probably weren’t expecting my actual positive comments on the matter, since in the past, I have said things related to this subject that were not highly favorable towards certain things in relation to this substance, but this is where being able to understand and comprehend context really comes into play, because if anyone payed close enough attention, they (or you) would know that most of my posts were concerning “smoking” because smoking is poisonous and I have not changed my opinion on that aspect in the slightest.

“Smoking” is toxic, I mean do you really believe that “Tobacco” is actually anymore worst than “Cannabis” as an actual natural herb in its true unprocessed vegetative form?, I mean use your unprocessed (or unaltered) minds here and think about it, tobacco is also a literal plant that naturally grows, it IS actually a herb which is alot safer to interact with than many other wild forms of vegetation that have poisonous or physically harmful features, and yet it’s seen as something that causes cancer, but if you think about it, it’s the “smoking” that actually causes the cancer because “smoking” introduces a chemistry into the body that creates a toxic cocktail that stimulates the progress of cancerous growth, not really the fact that you are using the tobacco.

It is the toxic smoking that adds additional useless toxins into your body that leads to the cancer when you “process” the plant or herb and turn them into smoke, so i’m not “smoking” no damn plant, and that’s what’s good about “weed” being legal or becoming legal, because apart from the junkies and the people that want to smoke any and everything and stuff like that, legalization and decriminalization of these types of plants, actually allows people to really see what these herbs can be used for that can really be beneficial, so it opens up a whole other level of possibilities besides the smoking of it, which is all anyone ever talks about, which is not allowing for a comprehensive holistic analysis of these peculiar species of vegetation.

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  1. Thanks to all of you who checked my opinions. Your views, yours thoughts, your opinions are also welcomed!

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