Invest Money (Raw Edition Archive)

These are Archived sessions from my “Comments [RAW EDITION]” section, posted to my main blog page with their titles so that they can be identified and tracked better.

These usually contain strong language and I will try to transfer one or two occasionally. I greatly appreciate all of you for checking them out — your thoughts and comments are also welcomed.

I’m all about people making a better living for themselves and living-it-up, but some individuals need to know that it’s not that easy and that it doesn’t just come down to having “mo money”, and that their is an entire way of living that brings about prosperity. Like the bible says and like GOD says; “you reap what you sow”.

I have to mention this since there are those who pose and “floss” and sing and bawl about money, but they are not looking at the issue deeper, what they are really doing is idolizing the vanity side of it, which is obviously short-lived — they are not looking at actually being productive or constructive in any shape or fashion.

It’s ok to have money but if you don’t have a plan on how to spend the money wisely, or on how the use the money wisely, it would actually put you in a life of “dept”, where, you have to keep paying for the stupid decisions you’re making, that’s why when it comes to some people it seems like the more money they have it’s the more problems they have. It’s ok to have money but you need to have a plan — you start at one level and your focus should be how to elevate yourself and how can you end up in a better position.

Lets face the facts, sometimes it isn’t always about yourself, sometimes helping others is way better, that’s the other side of it that you also don’t hear alot about these days, sometimes even so much as giving to the church is also a significant noble cause because there are many churches that help with serious charity and humanitarian issues — alot of people don’t know about charity or how to assist in humanitarian efforts, they only know about the self-enriching aspect and tend to focus on that alot, but there is alot more to the picture as well, there is initiatives like the Red-Cross and so on, and the Salvation Army. Such churches where you can put into the offerings and donate, that will go towards humanitarian needs — numerous people don’t know about this and these are basic fucking things that’s been around for eons, many people don’t know the role the church plays in actually helping some of the most vulnerable, they are more caught up in their small minded view of “labels” and “titles”, like who is “spiritual” and who is not.

That’s the other side of the damn issue which is also important, which is helping others, these are also small ways to actually have an impact on life, and then there is this other aspect I started off talking about which is wise behavior and being able to function wisely with what you already have so that it actually builds.

There are people who talk about money in a materialistic sense but they have no plan on how the keep the money flowing — their “money” doesn’t multiply, it”depletes” fast as living fuck, and it’s because their mentality is not raising — your mentality has grow for your prospects to also grow. When you have the money, you should be thinking about the future, and considering being in an independent position and moving on to better lucrative things.

Unfortunately some dudes have big imaginary pockets with small ass minds, they don’t know how to invest — if you don’t develop your thought-process before you get involved with certain things, you’re not going to be able to progress and make the best of what you already have because you’re just not good enough, it’s always going to be a situation where the lifestyle you want doesn’t match with the lifestyle that you only know, so you need to work on that before you can even step in the right direction — until that process of maturity arises, you’re just going to be focusing on “more more more” because you’re actually losing what you’re having unreasonably, since it’s going with the wind because you’re not managing it well.

Of course you can never have enough “money” per-say in today’s snobbish greedy manmade economy, but the point here is that the one who’s not investing very well, will have “nothing to show for it” — atleast with some people and how they manage, their decisions pay off in some sense and they can leave behind something that flourishes and set up a foundation for the next generation and do things that make a difference in people’s lives, but if you don’t have the right lifestyle and mind-set, you’re just going to squander every fuck, senselessly, and then expect others to be your subsidies. — you’re just going to be doing nothing but buying cigarettes and rum and renting cars all day long.

3 thoughts on “Invest Money (Raw Edition Archive)

  1. You are so right, some ppl are very greedy and with the wrong mindset. Building generational wealth is something that Iโ€™ve trying to do for some time now, to be exact 4 years. This path is very difficult but I think rewarding at the same time. And the day that I make a lot of money, I think is very important to give back.

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    1. Yes, very well said, you summed it up perfectly Zadi ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿคฉ.

      You brought up something that is very important; alot of people tend not to take this approach because it requires hard work and it’s difficult and this is where the buck stops with them, but life can be so much more fulfilling and rewarding if we truly consider alot more than just the material advantages, so thank you so much for adding your remarkable input to this issue, and I am very happy to see you over here as well ๐ŸŒนโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ’™

      I am glad you were able to read this post since the new posts tend to more visible then the older ones haha

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  2. Thank you to all of you who took the time to check out my writings. Your thoughts and your opinions and your ideas are also welcomed

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