Originally Posted: 2017/08/10 at 11:58 am

Before I start, this comment here is related to the things I gave insight on, in this blog

Another interesting thing that came to mind recently is what is usually said about sugar, usually it’s said that not all sugar is the same, but there are clearly some correlations because your senses don’t lie, and most sugars or “sweeteners” have the same sensation so there may not be that much of a difference in terms of how the body handles certain kinds of “sugars”, BUT the point I want to really highlight is that usually the points made about sugar in foods and sugars in fruits all boils down to well fruits do have sugars “AND OTHER THINGS”, but sweetened drinks “just have sugars” but not “those other things”, so again we can see that the real issue is pretty much just moderation and not just the fact that sugar is bad, because obviously nobody ever looks to snacks with sweetness as a means of nutritional value, people just drink drinks because they want something to fucking drink, DUUUUUUH! xD. No one ever looked at a can of sprite and said “I need to have this to get essential, vital nutrients”, NO! fucking idiots, they are drinking these drinks because they just feel like drinking an ice cold beverage :D, especially in situations where water might not be immediately available, that’s a high percentage of the time the whole point, not nutrition. Everyone knows that these drinks are not that nutritious — it is not a “discovery” or anything new to people.

but if you were to essentially consume approx two small cans of soda or “soft drink” occasionally, but get those “other things” fruits have, pretty much nothing severely negative will happen to you, since what really has a profound impact on heath, are things like excessive: calories, cholesterol, fats and these kinds of other negative things usually found in most of the foods consumed aside from sweetened snacks. So all of these things about sugar being the soul cause of health problems is just total and utter hogwash because we all know that people with serious dietary health problems aren’t just “drinking”, they are also getting lots of high amounts of calories, fats and cholesterol from FOODS which are the things that are really taking a toll on their health, because even though some people don’t get the “sugar”, guess what?, they’re going to get all these big bags of Potato Chips and mustard/mayo drenched Hotdogs, and cheetos, and pile on all these terrible health issues that have been affected them in far worse ways than “sugar” ever was. That”s why I said at the core of the issue is responsibility, because all of these things in of themselves are not necessarily bad. Alot of fast foods are actually pretty nutritious, i mean they could be healthier if processed using preferred methods rather than the frying etc, but again that’s not the point, the point is, people have to be more respectable of themselves and responsible about their particular health issues and risks, when it comes to the things they consume that may cause THEM, and in a lot of cases actually IS causing them issues, rather than a particular food source being blamed over actual bullshit “junk science”, and nothing credible that actually shows it, and the real issue actually being people are not being responsible and doing enough to avoid certain things that they know they have issues with.

That’s the key to all of these health problems, people wanting themselves to get better very badly to the point where they actually make an effort to be responsible. Critics can talk about all the sugar foods and stuff they want to, but the real key they should be more focused on is the people who are only doing harm to themselves — it starts with them on a personal level!. I am not going to end up in the hospital with a stroke or a “black-out” because I couldn’t resist a candy bar, i’m not a fucking idiot, i don’t have an issues with a donut, that isn’t going to do fuck to me, but if a dude (man or woman) have had consistant issues in the past with such treats, and knows that these kinds of things puts her/him at risk, they needs to be the ones personally responsible to prevent their selves from being a seriously stupid bitch, and consuming these things that are not too friendly with his or her own bodies. And that’s the last i have to say on this issue since i think i did enough to summarize what the real issue in this whole ridiculous health and sugar thing really is.

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