Originally Posted: 2017/08/23 at 5:08 pm

look give me games like Duke Nukem again, Contra again, Metal Slug again, and heck, even Stranglehold, Dead To Rights or Max Payne again, not this “online” arena-based claustrophobic, repetitive jumping around like a blinking monkey generic horse manure — bring the soul back into the shooting genre! xD.

I am not one of these dudes that even cares about the “rating”, that doesn’t matter, you actually look at the damn content to know if it’s a game you like or not.

That “rating” shit is now-a-days a gimmick, that seems to appeals to immature pubescent nuts, looking to live out an “adult” fantasy in a fucking video — dorky dumb-dumbs and doofuses that can’t even piss straight, feeling more grown because of a letter on a pissy video game.

Developers need to get their crap together since that was never the point of this shit — don’t butcher it you bitches!.

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