Originally Posted: 2017/08/25 at 10:06 am

The stuff between mcgregor and mayweather is perhaps one for the record books!, because like I said before, this is not an average celebrity boxing match. I mean, it is a boxing match, except involving two highly skilled persons, so don’t fuck yourself thinking that it isn’t — it pretty much is because of the circumstances that were agreed too, but it’s not just about who’s the better fighter, most of us can “assume” which one is the “general” better “fighter”, but that’s boooooorrring! :D.

It goes alot deeper than that in this case, it’s pretty much Mcgregor thinking that he’s just better than floyd, and that he’s so exceptional that he can beat Mayweather even at his own game, these are the real contentious undertones that really set this whole scenario off, and obviously floyd isn’t having that, Floyd doesn’t accept that! lol.

As to the type of match it is, realistically it is a boxing competition and you just have plain unrealistic bullshit expectations if you’re not expecting the better boxer or boxing to do anything in this context that will actually count. You can think whatever you want about this, but it’s all in your head at this point considering what the reality of the situation has worked out to be, period!. you might as well save your time and miserable existence if you still assert otherwise as facts.

So it is what it is, and not what you wish it to be. And my outlook of the situation is that regardless of what the fuck it’s being seen as, either side cannot be dumb enough to underestimate the other side, and given the fact that this is set to be “boxing”, you cannot expect anyone careless to the principles established here, after an utter dismantle, to not be utterly discredited and dismissed as the biggest fucking joke in history, not knowing what this situation really is, and I don’t think that’s the case here with with floyd or conor, hey know what they are doing, and alot of folks like myself are certainly not clueless to what this event is. Also the truth is, Floyd and Mcgregor is what it comes down too because they are the ones making history, since they are the actual fighters, every thing else is just an “opinion” derived from imagination :D.

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