Anatomical Strangle [EXCLUSIVE] / JUNE 29, 2020

Hahaahaha LLLLIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!; I don’t care what kind of day it is, I could be having a good day, I could be having a bad day; it could be hot as crap, dry, wet — I am not wearing no goddamn tight pants xD. There comes a point, where, you have to know limitations; my “limitation” is that I am a thorough breed dude; I am not a woman, I an not a contortionist — women have incredible bodies, and so, because GOD made such lovely and talented beings, their bodies are alot more special at doing certain things that they can easily get away with. But as with me, being the energetic dude that I am, I break out of alot of things xD — i’m an energetically bursting dude, I “tear” and “rip” to shreds like a BEAST, so there is no damn way i’m “fitting” into no damn tight piece of clothing hahahahaha; it can’t work.

With magnanimous women and the females that GOD created, women can fit into “tight” stuff that would squeeze the life out of you, so when they see something tight, to them it will “fit” because women wear tight things, their bodies are special in this way; they can wear something tight with ease, this is because their bodies are softer and tender and far more flexible, naturally, which gives them the ability to do so, but guys have more pressure in their bodies, our muscles are more energized, our blood pressure is more energized and not as calm as the females, so we don’t have as much flexibility, and I’m not forcing it xD.

Covid-19 thought me ALOT, it thought me that I don’t want shit that’s going to feel like its 19 times way too fxxking tight, by cutting off my goddamn blood circulation which will make me look “unwell” and Covid19
sick, or anything that will make me look like a 19th century sick cereal killer in a tight azz straight jacket, or anything that feels and looks like it’s minus-19 in squeeze and tightness — NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FXXKING WAAAAAAYYYY xD.

I mean, has the current global protests not thought us anything?; “chokeholds” are banned, so why on earth would a guy like me want to wear somethingm or anything, that feels like 19 or 20 fucking chokeholds? xD. #NotHappening #NotForMe #NotInterested

What’s also #NotHappening is some peoples’ fucking ability to think lmao. What’s also #NotHappening is me not being realistic :D. A thorough Warrior, hunting hog-wash and exposing pseudo “giants” that make big-big-big-mistakes and even bigger fools of their fxxking themselves.

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