Originally Posted: June 30, 2020/1:00 AM

I remember doing a session recently about how life forms on earth didn’t really “evolve” into diverse different types of species and that they seem to all be individually created from scratch by the use of a mysterious causation that resulted in the presence of what we call D.N.A, which shows an intentional “creative” function rather than things just mutating randomly due to circumstances. This scripture in reference can be found here:

Lets put it this way; a different life-form known as “human” was CREATED by GOD but the woman was made from the man; a different life-form known as “Dog” was made by GOD, but the female dog was made from the male dog. There really ISN’T any “evolution” at play in these instances since each start of a distinct, different life-form, and being, originated because of GOD; it’s just the male and female genders that are truly direct copies or can be considered that way, NOT the various different species.

I wouldn’t even say that the genders are typical “copies”, they are beyond copies; obviously whatever GOD did with the genders is extremely one-of-a-kind and remarkable.

There are some that say natural selection is how evolution works, but if you pay close attention to what some of them deem as “evolution” you would realize that it’s basically “traits” within the same exact species that differ. This is essentially like the difference between a very tall and chubby human with blue hair and orange eyes, compared to a very small human with green hair and multicolored eyes — different traits and features but the same exact “species”.

I give fools an F for effort and atleast a G – for “coherence”, whereas, I keep coming with X-amount of kharisma and X-amount of Kritical performance — Brilliance with a capital B :D.

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