Too much of a simple mind will leave you in an internal dept. To “branch out”; beware of the stifling weeds of entanglement — simplicity can be a distraction if not coming from the right place. It can lead to gossip, it can’t lead to unproductive attitudes and it can lead to wasted time, wasted potential, and under-appreciation for value and winning due to effort and sense of earned accomplishment.

Sometimes in order for the grass to be greener, you have to sow it, water it, till it, show it, intend it, mean it, and then you will see it in the results. Occasionally it pays to give a little effort and not take anything for granted.

Speaking of not taking anything for granted, I don’t take my extensive learning and cultural experience for granted. Given the display of foolishness that I periodically witness regrettably, clowns have a way of reminding me how fortunate I am to be optimally adapt, and more mentally robust, than the class of confused retarded maniacs, who are abundantly pathetic hahaa

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