Originally Posted: July 02, 2020/6:50 AM

Fools can read but they certainly can’t reason, they certainly can’t be productive and they certainly can’t DELIVER with spot-on execution — one set of miserable impractical fucks xD.

Don’t be like those guys and gals, separate yourself from the pack like this; if you want to “read” something I suggest, and recommend, “reading” the scriptures in the bible if anything. I mean, it’s a book that has some of the earliest and most timeless basic relevant things to life on Earth. I believe that the Bible has references to instances in Earth’s real history that were actual real events — i’m not in the business of dumbing down things just so it makes sense to some backwards bitch who is clearly playing games. The teachings in the bible is what it is, if you don’t like what’s in the scriptures, you don’t have to read it. If you don’t agree with it, or you don’t understand it , that’s not necessarily shit to do with me. I can wipe the shit of my azz with your impressionsit’s your problem. There are some folks that will just not understand its teachings because of shitty things like race, vanity, certain lifestyles or whatever they have going on that they don’t want to give up and that they promote; I don’t give a fuck if you are black or white — you can carry your ass off a cliff if you think you’re going to come to me with some retarded bullshit thinking I gave a fuck.

One thing to note on this issue is this often mind-blowing stupidity, where, some clown jackasses try to say that because the bible was used by racist to “control” slaves, that somehow it means that what’s in the bible is not good. That’s because these folks are just as retarded as the racists were. Nazi think like shit, and racist logic is shit and these are exactly what anti-christian boneheaded fuckers remind me of. These lads have no actual understanding of reality — this is not about no motherfucking academics, this is just an obvious indicator of pure indignant fool’s mindset at its epitome, and the inability to understand life. The “bible” was one of the most profound books of knowledge around in the earliest days and i’m sure it was very commonplace to have around, especially by those who can afford it.

Lets tell it like it is, anyone with less than half a brain can tell that because the “slaves” were not “educated”, because of what was said in the bible and how it was said, the racists could have easily used it as a “defense” of what they were doing because the slaves where not as “educated” to this type of material and were obviously not as educated as the slave owners. My beautiful ancestors just had good basic fucking sense, and would fuck-up a racist pale fucker if the discolored bitch was caught slippin’, hypnotized by a black woman’s big sexy ass. So in this case, it doesn’t really matter what the fuck they used, it could have been just a basic fucking dictionary; the slave owners could have used any “book” or anything to attempt to brainwash, because, that’s just how it worked. The slaves didn’t know any better, so it was much less about the bible and much much more about the fact that the slaves didn’t know any better, and this is what alot of dimwitted jackasses have a hard time separating. BEEEZUS KHRIST, some of them claim to “read” but can’t read between the fucking lines — these “know-it-alls” are rather disappointing.

People can say anything they want as an “interpretation” or a “weapon”, it doesn’t mean that the original intent behind what the fucks they were using was originally designed for the purposes that it was used for by individual groups with their own mission and agenda and distortions. Alot of people just have an issue with the bible and the scriptures of the bible because they do not appreciate “religious” practices and beliefs etc; regardless of how they try to disguise it or dress up their opposition to appear to be more rational than what’s in the bible, it’s just bullshit hoopla, this is basically what it comes down too. This is not my issue personally, they can cry like a group of bridal bitches, as much as they want about Christianity and all the rest of the other “religions”, but who gives a flying fuck. If you want to be a cry baby, be a crybaby, if you want to be a bitch be a bitch, if you want to be a Muslim or whatever the flippant frig you think someone else gives two shits about, then be those things — don’t be a snobbish prick and stupid fucking bimbo to think that someone has to “bend” or “sacrifice” to please your ideological deluded brainless insecurities. As far as I can tell, the life of Christianity has done a-heck-of-alot-more for the development of people’s wellbeing in general than the ways of alot of the bums and their misguided, habitual backwards incompetence.

What some need to realize is that the bible was one of the earliest books that the slaves would have actually had access too and learned how to read, and was able to put it in context, while some of these stupid bitches are still stuck in the Nineteen-Sixties sobbing about what the fuck the racists thought about the bible, and are still looking at the books of the bible in the same corrupted perspective as how the racists, who were not all that smart or knowledgeable about anything, viewed the book which is dum’ as fuck. I’m not going to distort the scriptures in the bible so some sensitive prick can feel good about what’s being taught in the bible; it is what it is.

If you are stupid enough to be more distracted in 2020 about what racists told you concerning something in the bible and what it meant according to them, because they were playing mind games and using reverse psychology, instead of you actually reading it, researching it and understanding it for yourself in context, like the slaves did which is why alot of blacks even in Africa to this day, embraced the teachings of the bible after learning how to read and using the bible as one of the earliest written books to become better at reading, then you are just a miserable hopeless fucking son of a bitch xD. I don’t give a rat’ behind if you’re a Muslim or motherfucking monk, if there are things pursued which don’t reality-check your azz and make you feel uncomfortable and you’re fine with it because you don’t have to worry about the truth smacking you in the face, then be these things; go up into the media and clutch to shitty fake algorithms, and go and gossip and regurgitate things. But the reality is that, it’s pretty incredible that alot of these fools can’t even tell you what’s in the bible but they can tell you word-for-word what the racists wanted you to think about it, instead of them taking it in on their own and truly learning what the scriptures in it are really about. If that’s your level of reasoning, then you have every reason to be as frustrated about it because you clearly have alot more deeper issues internally, related to cognitive deterioration.

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