Notice: The Delay In Today’s Session

This is just a brief notice. I would like to apologize to all of my lovely readers and supporters today for the slight delay in the posting of today’s topic (COMMENT 608); it was supposed to post at 6:50 AM but didn’t show up until a few seconds much closer to the hour of 7AM, only after I had come on and sorted the issue out.

I like to be very on time and absolutely consistent, and what happened was that I am now using different advanced methods and techniques, which are mostly customized, to get the messages and posts out, so I just need to practice them more and make sure that I dot my Is cross my Ts and curve my Ss; in this case, I did dot my I‘s and crossed my T‘s but had put a common s instead of a capital S hahaa.

So sorry about that and I will definitely make sure to check over everything next time to ensure that things remain consistent unless there is a change in plans, in which case you’ll be notified of any changes to schedule or timetable beforehand and in ahead of time.

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