Originally Posted: July 06, 2020/6:50 AM

LOOOOL We really need to think about the silliness of those bitching such things like “touching your face” with the Masks and how “you can get infected by touching your face if you touch your face”, because the problem with that is (apart from the “if” being a BIG “if” for many), if there is some coronavirus where the mask is [in the first place], this would OBVIOUSLY mean that if the mask wasn’t there, the coronavirus would have actually gone straight on to the face in the first place. In that case, you wouldn’t even need to physically touch your face in the first place because there is nothing there to serve as a deflection or barrier to help prevent anything from going directly on it, which it fucking WILL without the fucking Mask.

There is the potential issue of some traces of coronavirus being on your hands, then the subsequent transferring of it from on your hands to your face, but in my opinion if you (and i’m using the word “you” in general terms here) have the virus on your hands, you are already infected as far as I give a fuck (unless you have gloves on), because this thing seems to be infectious to where, even though the eyes and the nose are the MOST vulnerable areas (or so it is claimed), these body areas certainly cannot be the ONLY vulnerable areas to a virus as strong as this coronavirus.

So Mask or not, if you have the virus on your hands (unless you are wearing gloves), you probably can consider yourself well infected. And mask or not, since it is on your hands, there is a possibility that you can transfer it to your face unless you are remembering to wash your hands and you are doing exactly that. So as far as i’m concerned, if you have traces of the virus on your hands, it’s no longer just a Mask issue at that point, because people without the mask are just as likely to touch their face for various reasons as the people with the mask on can touch their face for the same reasons.

As a matter of fact, I think people with the Masks on and the gloves on, are more likely to actually be mindful of the coronavirus more often than not, compared to those without the masks on who may be with others who are also without a Mask on, and can easily forget about the situation. With the people who have the Masks on and who are taking precautions, it’s not as easy to forget about certain things because the Mask is always there as a persistent obviousness.

So yeah, to me this Virus being on your hands is beyond a mask issue at that point, because while without a Mask you wouldn’t have to worry about something being on your face, the issue with that is it probably won’t be the only thing you’re not worried about, which in this case, isn’t good because you’re probably not worrying about alot of things you actually should be worrying about…

This was definitely a subject about touching face and stuff, but I tell you man, you can’t touch some of these bewitched fucks when it comes to being just so wrong and inaccurate about the bullshit they are driveling. I seldom want it to stop because it is an amusing nut case, but at the same time, it’s more toxic than fucking garbage, so they leave you with no choice LMAO. And while i’m at it, I just get creative with it because that’s just how the Dynamic Dude and all versatile folks roll; it’s in the D.N.A, not the unnatural, fake, syndicated, reactionary “lucky number” algorithms and lottery numbers these silly bitches use :D.

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