Originally Posted: July 07, 2020/1:00 AM

First and formally, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, that’s first of all. But unfortunately, for some people, there is nothing in their minds at all but waste so it definitely should go to waste LMAO. These types of folks are everywhere, they are in public institutions, they are in the Media, your communities, law enforcement etc etc. Some of them are just terrible shitheads with terrible minds — very very crappy bullshit, so don’t be fooled. #Degenerates #NotFoolingAnyone

Now, this is no shock — I’m RELIGIOUS :D. I am not going to try and be politically correct and use the term spiritual as a tool. Spiritual is, someone gets up one day and just decides to be something opposite of a “Christian” or a “Muslim”; that’s the kind of shit some people mean when they say they are “spiritual”. It’s just a game of anti-christian or anti-hindu or anti-muslim and there is nothing more to it; alot of them are like that bogus “evolution” shit, which i’m sure many of them are probably into, i.e, no purpose or reason behind anything, just very impulsive, thoughtless fools.

Let me layout the process, as far as where i’m coming from, I am religious as fuck which means, I believe in something without giving a rats’ cheese who opposes or who isn’t because to me it’s not about someone else’s lifestyle — it is about much more beyond such B.S. I am not waiting for some freak to validate my principles as is the case with this fad thing some folks try in the name of “spiritual” nonsense, as a token to get a pass in their own ulterior pretension.

I’m not “this” because someone else is “that”. That’s the behavior of a sleaze and a rascal, and it’s not in my dynamic D.N.A or interest to participate in said acts of such low psychological impulsiveness or spiteful desperate petulance, because, some people only know something when someone else does something. Some people only know B when someone else says A; some only know 4 when someone else does 3 — parasites like these don’t really develop alot of things, they either just make things look bad or they twist it up. It’s the same thing with Christianity, all of a sudden some people only know to be “spiritual” and all these things because they are anti-religious.

I actually have an interest in religious matters; I believe there is a GOD because to me it makes sense that there is one. As far as I am concerned that’s just what the fxxk it is. And i’m adamant and arrogant about this reality until a critic’s mistress sucks my fucking dick about it; that’s how firm I am on this subject.

Mankind didn’t make its self, but mankind is in physical form, thus, there is origins and there is history, and to me, it just doesn’t make sense that the origins are just merely coincidentally accidental and randomly materialistic in nature (“materialistic” meaning rocks smashing into other rocks, or a comet/asteroid bringing life-making-minerals to earth, although I did consider the latter theory at one point, but that was then).

Taking in alot more information over the years about this subject and also being very vigilant, I believe that the earth is intelligently designed and that people are by extension, descendants of intelligence and that there is definitely rhyme and reason for many of the things being the way that they are. This to me is far more interesting than a simple-minded nut just waving the banner of “spirituality” for either attention, spite, or for the sake of validity from other stupid fucking fools…

I’m soulful and religious and am very proud to be these things on my own accord. It’s not like I think twice about it, I don’t think i’m part of a club or some sort of social media trend when I say I’m religious. I not looking for anyone’s praise or approval — I’m interested in the truth and facts and proof, so inherently I am interested in the Almighty. GOD is the true boss.

If you just think religion is “controlling” and you don’t need a “support system” (whatever the fuck that is), if that’s your comfortable view of life, that’s your problem and that’s your business. I don’t have to study your void restrictive fuck, I don’t have to look at life that misguided. If these views are just right for you, then good for you. I personally believe that I know that there is much more to the picture and so therefore i’m seeking to get closer to putting the pieces of puzzles back in place, and figure out what the bigger picture was and is meant to be, because there is a religious fucking picture there, no question to me, it’s just fragmented.

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