Originally Posted: July 08, 2020/8:10 AM

As a person who believes in GOD, I don’t significantly consider this thing called evolution, that’s not what I deal with, it is not something I take significantly.

For me when it comes to GOD, it is about the appreciation of what’s around us; it’s about the way we value what GOD has done, not evolution, it is about what GOD has done and also what we can do in this existence. So, we develop and embrace and grow and multiply since this is what real life actually does in all realistic practicality — this is the signature of this true and sacred existence.

We learn more-and-more-and-more about what we have, and the more we live is the better we should treat ourselves and extend that gratefulness to this existence we are in. For folks like myself, it is not about fictitious “evolution”, it’s about growth, and turning things around; the revolution, i.e the intelligent ability to change out of will, maturing and developing. In this case, “evolution” would actually be a devolution — a phase that doesn’t add value; just an aimless “change”.

GOD’s works are not aimless like these so-called “evolutionary” myths, they are purposeful so “evolution” is not a reality. Evolution IZ actually the real “fairy tale” in most instances, if you remove purpose, which it typically does. If you remove maturity, if you remove development and “growth” from the roots, you’ll be left with alot of loud “evolutionary” shitty music. That’s what it’ll be like; no appeal or applicability — what you’re doing will not speak for itself, there will be no sync or symphony, it will be highly forgettable and awful and you will not be actually instrumental in sound constructiveness.

I mean, yeah, someone can “evolve” all they want, they can “shapeshift” and so-on if they are into this kind of thing, but unless there is an actual development from the roots and you’re using the light of GOD to help you develop into a potential and a much better realistic existence, then your “evolution” will just be a mass of contortions, silly inconsistency, and meaningless irrelevancy. Taking examples from GOD about a life he made, that’s full of purpose and creative opportunity, is about growing and developing your being into meaningful changers and influence. so lets not get too caught up into this “evolution” distrations.

Evolution when it comes to GOD is irrelevant. We don’t need to “evolve”; life doesn’t need to “evolve”; we need to revolve our lives around godliness. This is about stopping and appreciating and realizing what it is that mankind is apart of, not that evolution bullcrap.

Clueless-bimbos need to “evolve” to have some fucking basic reasoning ability; they are funny brainless fucks, but too much of anything isn’t good, including laughter [I suppose] hahaa

This isn’t about fucking “color” and picking silly sides due to senselessness about “race” — all sides of all the fucking facts matter, all the fucking time :D

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