Originally Posted: July 09, 2020/1:00 AM

I really like doing topics such as the one I did yesterday ( They are such big, important and significant subjects about life overall to cover and there is just so many aspects to them. It’s just like the life we live — GOD created the living being to be itself and to master itself and to feel good about itself. GOD did not make his creations to just “evolve” aimlessly just based on circumstantial trivials. GOD creates each existence out of love with a purpose to better life and make life enriched, whether that betterment is in the context of its own life, and even further, life in general.

This “evolution” thing is just a false start, life starts with GOD and develops into fuller fruitfulness. The appreciation of the natural consistent reality, made possible by the creator is the true focus. The almighty is a consistent original; his creations are consistent; life is his works, life starts small, it starts little, it starts as itself, and is itself and remains itself and grows fully. They become full, they become whole and develop better, they fill and full upthis “evolutionary” inconsistent randomness does not fulfill, it is not of GOD. It just flops and fucks up fundamental focus.

Mankind and all other life-forms were made to full-up, and grow-up into full-form and full-fill an exciting vision influenced by GOD, so there is no “evolution”; we were made to appreciate what IS, and be thank-full (hahaa, get it?) for the gift of life and the fulfillment of the natural potential of life; evolution is a hindrance to this process, so this process doesn’t work like that, full-stop. GOD didn’t make life to be busy “evolving”, GOD made life to be religiously celebratory, to appreciate the origins of what’s right before us, in his name, in this life, in this earth, FULLY.

Life is to grow and fulfill which relies on a process of structure and consistency — this is not something you are getting from unpredictably problematic “evolution”. Life given by GOD is a consistency that grows firm in continuity from the roots.

This is how the Super-duper Scribe does it, full-fledged authenticity and productive revelations — upholding the truth in full-force xD. No bullshit algorithms like “7 is a lucky number”, using 15-minutes of fame in fake syndicated settings and activities staged by general degenerates and media halfwits and their half-hearted rat capabilities on full display.

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