Originally Posted: July 13, 2020/6:50 AM

Some folks play roles but I don’t play a part, I see reality on a on whole different level, the whole fucking time. I try to always deliver 100%; fools put more time into talking about losing, I focus more on the winning and emphasize the success since this literal loser way of thinking fools have, sets you up for failure. When you aim high it’s about the outcome and this is the bigger picture — the opportunities and the progression that leads to a place where you can do something more or become something more. But somehow, as if to give credence to utter degeneracy, there are those who encourage failure and this is obviously just silliness, or they can afford the failures because they are parasites and leeches — bum fucks. This kind of counter-intuitive mindset is clealy not in a productive place; no one wins all the time and it is good to let people know that just because they lose, they shouldn’t think less of themselves or it doesn’t mean that they should give up, but the notion about failure being necessary, is complete stupidity, it’s the ambition to keep going and eventually succeed, that is really what keeps people going.

Progressive people will naturally tend to gravitate and promote the authentically legitimate things, whereas stereotypical rats; sneaky, jackass, conniving doo-doo drops, tend to idolize self-destructive diminutive schemes — when you be your best and do you best, the best is yet to come.

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