Originally Posted: July 14, 2020/1:00 AM

I know about things like differences in cultures and backgrounds and all that but the thing for me is, the same bullshit racial issues are alive and well because this is what people choose; there are people in different cultures that hang-on to this kind of thing on all sides, some of whom do not understand dignity; this is why I don’t subscribe to any notion that is complete, that just has “black” or “white” added at the end just to get endorsement off the basis of sympathies and not fucking merit.

No matter what color you frame something in, if underneath is shit, then that’s just what it is at the core; this is why I don’t want anybody thinking that I automatically will support something just because I may be racially apart of whatever community he or she is speaking on behalf of, if I know full-well that what they are saying, or doing, is destructive more-so than constructive, because at the end of the day, I am an individual first before and above race, financial status and national identity.

In my opinion, for as long as people have been around, we really need to take a serious step towards meaningful changes because alot of “changes” aren’t going to be meaningful if they are just race-based baselessness, because we are going to have these clowns coming out using these race-based movements only when it’s convenient whether that be business or financial crap, or to just take advantage of the situation for senseless shitty reasons, compromising legitimate efforts.

This “partial” fuckry is a waste of time; moving wholistically toward a culture based on dignity instead of business, or nationality and foolishness like these, is the best habits to practice. Like I said before in one of my other scriptures that has a subject matter similar to this one, and i’ll say it again, there are plenty of those who will do things once it’s race or nationality based but they don’t seem to be able to just have common fucking decency.

Now, protest can influence “conversations”, but it is not as simply of a matter of just hosting conversations, it’s about what the fuck the “conversation” is about and much of the conversation is typically used to circulate the same old garbage, so it’s as if we need to start fresh and encourage people to grow up and actually think based on reality and not on race or sexual preference. This is why I make no apology for denouncing “homosexuality” etc, because based on reality, these are backwards lifestyles. This is also the same reason why I don’t take “race” seriously or “nationality”, it’s cuz i’m not partial, i’m fucking realistic — when you’re realistic it’s easy as fuck to put person, woman, man, child and monster into goddamn perspective. In fact, this is what I call too easy.

My view of the situation would see to it that functional instead of dysfunctional and impulsive, is encouraged to truly embrace the individuality of people, if not, we are going to be at a time where everything is about race and everything is going to be a race issue or called racism, we need to do better than this and we need to have proper standards and need to understand fact from fiction.

It should be about the common decency of learning how to see people as individuals, not because they are white, not because they are black, not because they are from the same country or this small-minded retarded stuff. All of this small-minded meaningless clown dogma, all present issues, and as far as i’m concerned these “racial” issues in modern societies is a toxicity that’s fueled by the culture of racism in the first place, so the only way out of this demonic cycle, is to look at things from the perspective of respecting people as individuals, letting race fall and tumble to the very bottom of the priority scale.

I don’t know about pesky fools having “guts” but I clearly touch a nerve with these silly bitch, shitheaded disposables and it’s a hilarity probably 8 times more “infectious” than the coronavirus :D.

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