I don’t need to get hooked on a “substance”; sure there may be those who smoke or drink for personal reasons and that’s their choice, but this belief that you need some alcohol or to get drugged-up to have a “good time” is a myth. Infact allow me to be blatant enough to say that if you have substance within you, and if you build up character with the right influences, you would be encouraged to grow and develop differently — you wouldn ‘t need to depend on some external foreign agents, to have your mind under some influence or artificial psychosis to appreciate and enjoy certain occasions, so this is stupid nonsense I will never accept. As a matter of fact, in most of these cases, introducing these mind-altering elements into the occasion actually brings down and downgrades the whatever festive activity people are involved in as far as I can tell when some fool get “drunk” or something, it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

Fuck weed, fuck crack, fuck heroin, fuck “addiction”; alot of these substances are not naturally “addictive”, they are just abused and overused by persons who intentionally exploit them for their own personal reasons. It’s the people and not so much what they are using — that’s just how some folks are, if they cannot find some typical element to smoke or snort, they sniff glue and all this bullshit, they have the impulsive desire to be involved with this kind of practiceit’s not a disease, to them, they just like to fool around with this crap, it’s “fun” for them. It’s just repetitive irresponsible acts that have consequences that they perfectly have all control over, not a disease.

Hahaa motherfuckers can’t tell me squat about needing any foolishness to live life well and good — what I need is wisdom, what I need is GOD, and what I need is freedom, and that’s pretty much all I need. I didn’t make myself, but with those things, I can make myself better. I’m in the korrekt “frame” of mind, and “picture” myself on the path to kingship, being sovereign over myself, not being subjected to secular bum-ness :D

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