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Hahaa, man, you know my view of this “alien” stuff; these are urban myths, exaggerated perceptions that are more than likely highly distorted. There are no “aliens” and there are no other planets in the solar system that are inhabited with life, atleast not as far as any of the space satellites or scientific research have uncovered this far by their own results and explorations. Space can afford to be empty as fuck, what the fuck does that have to do with what’s happening Earth-wise?; I would like to ask these folks, does it look like it makes a fucking difference?, obviously NO xD.

Life on earth has a special fxxking place in GOD’s vision, so rather than yearning what the heck is out there, or what clearly isn’t out there in the case of these mythical aliens and their supposed advanced technology, there should be a more realistic emphasis about appreciating what the fuck we have and what the fuck is around this place called earth. The real truth might turn-out to be much closer to home than alot of people think and aren’t expecting, which could be the ironic thing about this whole situation, to be searching millions of light-years into the galaxy, all-while, the truth we saught is actually right under our fucking noses. Some folks think we need to go to the fucking truth but hows about its a truth so unimaginable and so beyond our make, manner and nature, that it doesn’t work like that?; hows about its just one that we need to be worthy of?.

There is countless efforts to try to use the number of planets in the Solar System to determine the possibility of life, but real-life is not based on some numeric artificial algorithm or systemic calculous, you cannot determine how much life is in existence by the number of fucking planets, that’s just classic evolution fuckry.

This has been another realistic session with pronounced effective proficiency; powerful practical deliveries performed properly. The David toying with giants and the Dynamic Dude succeeding multi-dimentionally :D

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