“Race” is not in my list of priorities and I don’t see how anybody can conclude the contrary from reading my scripts/scriptures unless they have psychological deficiencies or are completely blind, otherwise, what I’ve said on the matter is explicitly clear, it’s as clear as fucking liquid; I respect people based on the value of life itself rather than on a basis of redundant color-palettes, nationality etc, and this is the only way, in my opinion, that we can get certain people’s small minds to grow up and develop beyond the superficial mundanes of the day.

There are those that just like to be involved in some kind of faux frenzy not really truly understanding what things are about, and at the end of the day feel as if this is accomplishing something, but in the reality that I see that exists, it’s the smaller acts of dignity from individual kindness that tends to produce the richest results because it becomes a second nature characteristic and thus something that is practiced because of a true appreciation for its beauty and not just for the sake of opportunistic motives or prejudice objectives which is something that also needs to be addressed which is what I often make sure to do whenever I do this kind of topic because activism based on color tends to attract alot of this bullshit.

The thing is this, for some people, it’s either a race thing or a political thing; when both gimmicks fail then it becomes a “spiritual” thing. I do not consider anything authentically “spiritual” about this kind of flippant mindset; they seem to be more interested in labels and generalizations and groupings; it’s not based on morals, principles or a great understanding of lifewhen I talk about respecting folks on an individual basis it’s from the core of dignity of life itself not stupid race rubbish.

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