I think some of you may have heard of this before, and it’s something to do with this supposed sugar comatose symptom or this stuff about a sugar “high”; one thing to note about this so-called “sugar coma”, or even the well-known case commonly known as niggaritis, is that it seems to be more of a process associated with sensory signaling — it’s a symptom caused more-so depending on how much you ate and what is happening in your stomach to “digest” and process the food and what has entered into you.

It’s the process of digestion, where your body is producing enzymes and other biochemistry solutions to help the process of digesting the food in the stomach, the reality is, that ain’t got shit to do with no damn sugar xD.

It has to do with the triggering of digestion and internal brain signaling (pretty much your nervous system) — pretty much the system that’s telling you whenever you are hungry or thirsty or not-so-hungry or not-so-thirsty, is the same system of things that’s signaling to you that are “filled or “over fulled”. I repeat that is nothing to do with sugar, in this case, it doesn’t matter if you ate Twinkies or Tortillas, everytime you eat a certain amount of food, no matter what it is, that sensation is going to be triggered.

Again, this is based off the fact that I have never really experienced this sensation with “drinks” (which is said to contain the most sugar by most health “experts”), I only have with food, and the reason for that is because drinks don’t “digest”, solid foods do, so after a while when you feel that sensation, it’s because the process of digestion is taking place as well as your rate of blood pressure being affected; your immune system is also more active and everything else.

So with that said, if then it’s because of sugar like some claim, why in the clueless crap don’t people get this feeling when they had some drink with more sugar in it in a small bottle than the entire plate of food they eat?, the answer is, it has more to do with how much food is in the system; it does not have shit to do with solely the inclusion or presence of sugar.

This is how sensitive your body actually is to what you are putting inside of it and to foreign elements, because remember when you consume things like food etc, these things are going directly into your body and this triggers a whole literal “system” of things to happen as a result.

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