Exaggerated Obscurities [EXCLUSIVE]

This case of the Shroud Of Turin, and what appears to be a face you supposedly see on it, is interesting and the cloth itself is of incredible historic, religious and scientific value, but I don’t think it’s actually a face per-say or atlest not a biological impression left from an actual deceased body. On the main point about why I do not suppose that it is a face necessarily is because of the fact that, originally, the supposed image just looked to me as some very obscure residue of stains, which in recent times has been constantly enhanced digitally to look or appear more-and-more like some kind of recognizable human or face.

I think to myself when I see this kind of situation, of it being no different than what alot of people do when they look at a cloud in an image or in the sky and try to make out what the cloud looks like and liken it to some elephant or other animals. No different than when someone looks at obscure images of Mars or other planets and says that ground protrusions and spots on their surfaces look like “towers” or “ruins” of a structure and subsequently try to use a “digital” copy of the image to “enhance” it, and depending on how they manipulate the color or other properties of said image or video footage, it would end up looking more like a “face” or some piece of jewelry or something like that. That is potentially the same thing that’s happening with this shroud of supposedly the real biological facial and body imprint of a crucified Jesus Christ.

Again it may very well be the same foolishness people try to do with space photos claiming that they see some sort of “alien” structure and so-on — I will take such claims with a pinch of salt xD

I don’t like to read, but how do I come up with this stuff some might ask?

“I like to look at myself as a comprehensive individual FIRST, before anything else because it’s something that you can’t really read or regurgitate from things just jammed down your throat

People talk about “reading reading reading reading”, but you often question what the **** are they “reading” with comprehension-skills on the level of an infant?.

It’s one thing to read but are people really understating or are able to process what they are reading?,

because in my mind, when you get past a certain stage in life, reading it not as valuable anymore as much as comprehension ability is

That was a quote for pertinent substantiation :D

See when you can actually go back and quote your own stuff for certified and on-point consistent emphasis, you know that this isn’t just part of a show — you’re the real deal, a clear living example of authentic; you know that these iz words to live by hahaa.

So the fools in the Media need to take notes instead of pushing: nosy narratives, gossip, artificial algorithms and fake news :D

But yeah, Shroud Of Turin may not be what it’s being hyped up to be, although I think the shroud itself is a real ancient material and not a “fake“, but it’s just people’s opinion of it having biological imprints of Jesus Christ’ face and body that isn’t necessarily the case.

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