There should be an understanding that health issues largely require a change in lifestyle but there is a-whole-lot of anecdotal rubbish that isn’t going to accomplish this especially by believing some silver-bullet nonsense that all you have to do is cut out the ingredient sugar and you’ll be fine because the presence of sugar in food is not responsible for weight gain.

Inbalance is responsible for weight gain and obviously, if your food is balanced, it’s going to result in a balance in your body’s state. You can be eating a largely vegetable-based diet and still experience “deficiencies” in other ways that can be problematic, this is why the emphasis needs to be on balance; smaller portions of various types of foods occasionally is alot better than eating too much of the same thing often, no matter what it is.

Smaller portions is also critical because you need to work with your body’s rate of managing the food, if you eat too heavy, your body is going to get overwhelmed and then you’ll end up back in the same position. With a little bit of patience and commitment, people would be jolted to see just how easy it is to lose weight.

It has become quite obvious, that when some folks get into a certain kind of circumstance, where they cannot get as much food as they are accustomed too, they lose a noticeable amount of weight within as short of a matter as just 1-month and it only took me 1-day of 1-week to confirm this and by extension what I have been suspecting all-along by observing this much, and usually, I find out these things from situations that are completely unrelated, not from some study or sponsored regurgitated garbage.

I am not telling anyone redundant crap to promote some Company, Facility or Venture; I am mentioning things based on experience which means actual occurrences that have happened or is still happening. I don’t give two shits what is heard from some expert that said expert probably just read from a book, I am speaking specifically on things that have been rooted in facts on an everyday basis, based on non-controlled environments and natural dynamic everyday happenings. Me coming to you and telling you something based on a “study” is regurgitated garage that is irrelevant if it’s not working and I have no interest in doing this.

Lets just use our brains; there are those who are using all kinds of silly foolishness except their brains; use your brain and you’ll be good.

The reality is, you don’t even have to pay a single cent as you may be lead to believe; just use your brains and try to stay clear of temptations because this is the real issue, people know what to do or what is required, but they just want to do the opposite, so people don’t need to pay nothing to get better, they just need to use their brains and apply mind-over-matter and resist temptations.

You can save yourselves time and money by just putting your mind to this situationit doesn’t take a paid appointment to a doctor or rocket science. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to some health bill or to get checked-up by some high-tech machinery; they know what the fuck needs to be done; they just need to perform it and instead of paying some “expert”, that would be hundreds of dollars they could be taking to buy what the fxxk they need to be eating in the first place.

Why spend all of that money on a goddamn visit to a health professional, when you can use it to buy food and nutrients, which is most likely the same thing that the “health professional” will still tell you in-the-end because you haven’t been doing it from-the-start?. See this is what the fuck using your brains means, i.e., taking reasonable approaches to reality. That is what having brains and using brains dictates; common sense isn’t so “common” but who gives a fxxk when knowing everyone has a brain and should be able to use and apply basic fucking brains.

Many guys and gals should stop living lives based on cringe-heavy cliches and anecdotal fuckry and use brains. Start living like it matters, like black lives; add balance today.

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