Up in here again because my religion of reality doesn’t stop, i’m overly aggressive with these values because the show must go on — GOD is for the people.

I talked numerously about the state of our true glorious GOD in a number of sessions over the past months, and described this majestic being as an omnipotent and one-of-a-kind energy who is actually the essence of all things; but it also goes further because when you’re talking about life, lots of dynamics come into play; we’re talking about scale and geometry, we’re talking about weight, we’re talking about taste, we’re talking about the sense of feeling and how we have millions of nerves all over our bodies and trillions of cells; we’re talking about, sight and weather or not something needs to see, how does it see and what it doesn’t see, how far would it see, how clear would it see, whether it’s nocturnal PLUS the ability to link these things together and make them work and function.

We’re talking about creatures that can cling to walls, how they navigate, what type of teeth they are going to develop, how their skin texture is going to be, how they swim or hop or walk or crawl and creep, if they can fly, how they fly, if they can smell and their sense of smell. In terms of us, how does the body tell you that you are dehydrated or needs sleep etc — this is an area of almost impossible precision and sensitivity!; these are neurological and psychological magnitudes you cannot manipulate from the outside, which is a predicament you are stuck with if your frame and body is like that of a human being — these are very difficult things to do with just two hands and two feet and all of the physical limitations that come along with that if you are at the mercy of the earth’s forces. These are things you have to not only know but also see from the inside out, plus also be able to develop them from the inside out, and the “spirit” and holy nature of the true GOD makes and creates things from the inside out; the same magnitudinous grip the heavens was created with, is the same display of magnitudinous awesomeness that GOD used to create the finest things and the most delicate aspects of their nature not just down to their physical attributes, but down to the degree of sense — lets think about this; the GOD of life is the greatest. He is the 1 origin, the 1st, the true source of all and of all that is in motion.

In relation to what I said about GOD being able to manipulate things down to a sense, in the case of life, it’s not only what’s superficial that you have to consider but as well having to know the things of nature really well like when the Sun goes down what kind of effect that’s going to have on certain parts of the earth, and how the balance of “elements” in such-and-such a spot, due to heat and temperature and light, would be uninhabitable or habitable for a variety of species, and conditions “at this time of day” or “from this particular time of night” etc would be ideal for such-and-such a life-form; you have to consider lots of subtle changes and how some life-forms possibly can take advantage of that, and of situations like how the amount of volume of water in this part of the Ocean is more ideal for this type of life, or how the “pressure” it creates also helps sustain or shape the structure of the life indigenous to the kind of surrounding terrain, and how by this “season” if a certain threshold continues, you can expect this amount of rain which would be adequate for these types of trees.

There is also the issue of salt-water-creatures vs fresh-water ones — there is many countless factors you have to know and understand about the Earth, space, time and energy in order to make things in existence function the way they function. There is very deep eccentric, essential and intrinsic essence that goes into this, which alot of people don’t even realize. We’ve been created and grown here on this planet intentionally; very little you see around you is “accidental”, life on this planet isn’t just a mere happenstance of some damn cosmic crash.

Focus on the purpose and the substance; just because the Universe is big to our Earthly minds and so we think that there is some Alien populace on some far-off planet, does not mean the universe is viewed this way for the same reason by the creator, to where, its creator is keen to fill it with life on other planets because our minds think that’s what it’s like, mainly because we can’t properly understand the universe and are often mind-boggled by its enormity; such notion is just some evolutionary narrative. I give you the other side, the realistic side.

My position is this, it’s 3 positions, the 3 positions iz this: Clarity, Accuracy, and Substance. These are the formula ideas I principally fxxking *support, and i’m also willing to give real-time *assistance to, when ready. Tangible-assistance not some insane media dork crap with syndicated lip-service and retarded rhetoric. I *support robust principles, and i’m ready to *assist in the aid of acumen-based actionable amending :D

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