Here is the fundamental issue I have with this “Alien on distant planet” falsehood; what rally makes persons so confident that they must eventually find life hundreds of light-years away, when to this day and second, there has not been any other planet within our own fxxking Solar System that has been discovered with life?. Why must anyone be confident that the further away you travel from Earth, it will increase the odds and chances of finding life, when within our own solar system, which is already as big and as massive as it is, it has atleast 1 planet with life, but apart from that, has no signs of life even in some of the closest planets?.

What is there to say that this “barren landscape” pattern, rampant on many of the planets discovered and explored, isn’t going to continue throughout the universe?. This is a basic fundamental problem with this idea of “alien life”, there is no life seen on 1 or 2 or 300 or 1 million other planets in our Solar System, but somehow there is going to be some “alien colony” with “advanced technology” found/discovered inhabiting some one-off planet, hundreds and hundreds and thousands of miles away!?.

This is something I will believe only when I see it, and you know me I don’t think we are ever going to see this, especially since, as you can see, this is not what we are even “seeing” on many of the planets that have been explored this far; not to mention that this recurring lack of sightings, biological activity, or meaningful discoveries despite manual exploration, actually seems to be debunking these claims of “aliens” more than anything.

So not only do these notions sound fictitious but also we have a case, where, what explorers are finding when they go to these areas, which is to say absolutely nothing (in-terms of living inhabitants), also seems to be CONFIRMING that so-far, there is no life on mostly all of these known and observed and observable planets, which could also indicate that these so-called “planets” don’t have to necessarily be places for “habitats”, and that such notions are just empty sic-fi perceptions and claims.

I think realistically speaking, we have a much better chance of encountering GOD here in Earth at any point in fucking time, than finding fucking “aliens” on other fucking “planets” by turning telescopes from here to planetary-timbuktu LOL. It’s a fact that we already know that atleast The Creator exists just by 1 thing out of all these other enumerable stellar bodies and objects in the universe, and its this humble and unlikely Earth, one of the smallest of planets, and it’s this life. Its what’s on the inside of what we are directly apart of that counts more than all of these vast numbers of things on the outside — this situation is the epitome of a blessing from The Creator.

This is the Super Duper Scribe articulating profound context; basics that baffle and teachings that typify tremendous thoughts with validating vital volumes. On a scale of 1 – 10 if it’s not 10 out of 10, it gotta be 10,000 :D

15 thoughts on “COMMENT [629]

  1. Because we can’t see them, or have yet to find them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Have you never watched that most extraordinary documentary series about alien civilizations, “Star Wars”? Some even look human, but of course they can’t be, they are aliens. Well done.

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    1. Yes that is true, as someone who firmly believes in GOD I have come to understand this reality, but that’s what some scientific minds resort to when they fail to come up with any “scientific” evidence, which is ironic to me because when folks of various faiths who believe in deities say the same thing, it is often seen as taboo and ridiculous, but to my mind if we are dealing with individuals who don’t really believe in angles and unseeable entities and stuff of that nature, then they should be anticipating people to expect actual scientific “proof” of their claims since this is the modus operandi they themselves insist on, and so far their claims are not really adding up.

      One other thing too, is that we shouldn’t have to wait for them to find proof of so-called advanced, spontaneous aliens since the aliens are intelligent and would be all over the place, and I also don’t believe that all aliens would be “advanced” in the same way, so we actually should be seeing some kind of dynamic “alien” activity, dynamic alien encounters etc, and so far, something is just amiss. Also, why are we somehow the ones who for some reason aren’t as “advanced”? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

      Haha I definitely do know about Star Wars and Star Trek. I am also personally knowledgeable about shows and T.V documentaries like Ancient Discoveries, Ancient Aliens etc

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      1. Fist af all, I should clarify who I am, Hello Killa, I am Mork, I am from Ork….
        Ancient Aliens, I only watched a few episodes because it quickly became obvious their motivation was to undermine faith in God by giving “evidence” of the historical events from scripture, explaining them with wordly (galactic) explanations.
        It is by faith we belive.
        But this principle too is used by unbelievers. It is by faith they say we are killing the planet by global warming, and as our high priests, they demand our conversion, obedience to there laws, and our tithes (forced tithing by “fees” and taxation) to help counter the damage. They have no scientific proof, no matter what they say.
        Nonetheless, we should live in the joy of God, and not worry about anything else. Only fight against tyranny and totalitarianism.

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        1. Hi Mork good to see you, I have noticed that you have been hanging out here a-whole-lot, which is good, I don’t think Ork (or even your wife) will miss you. It’s a win-win situation for us — 0 for pseudo-science and aliens.

          What are you kidding me?, is this true??, “unbelievers” that actually stand for something. I was thinking that there may be unbelievers that probably hold such “strong” views and stand by their “convictions”, and if so, that would be a HUGE multi-universal step up above thinking that things just “happened” randomly and we should not have to “believe” anything, and we should just live not knowing anything about anything because things just “evolved” and we are all here by accident and everything else is by accident, so there is nothing more to see.

          But it looks like they are waking up, that’s enormously significant because I thought that their capacity of “faith” was “dead” and that they were just “numb” to religious-like devotion, but it looks as if resurrection is right before our eyes. It seems that they are being “passionate” and have a “sense” of duty and “sense” of purpose are actually “sensitive” to the issue. They actually CARE about it hahaa, the cloud is moving away from their eye and they may very well come to their full “senses” xD

          I can sense a successful “spiritual” series on the horizon — “From Discombobulation To Utter Sanctified Efflorescence: Repentance”

          They were “non-believers” then, they are unbelievers now, and soon they will be enthusiastic believers in the near future. I can see it now buddy and I can’t wait — Thank GOD.

          The “eventualities” here are endless — far beyond the “possibilities” of finding life in the universe except for us.

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    2. Mork, I hope your weekend is going good πŸ‘πŸ˜‚. This may be a little off-topic but I have just one question bro; in your time looking around WordPress, do you have any favorites that you would recommend to me?


      1. I do have a few favorites you can try.
        The Last Refuge is the blog that made me join wordpress.
        Looking around when I firsted joined, I found NWO Report. These are both current events type blogs.
        Roaming around I found a couple young story tellers and poets. These are Rishika Jain, Sommedatta sengupta, justanothergirl, nawazish, hemalatha ramesh, dulcy singh (I think I actually found your blog from her page), Harsh.
        There is a good religious blog Jennifer Arimborgo.
        Lastly, a general topic blog, yolanda-aspergers syndrom. Her page is in swedish, so you may need the pages translated. I go to her site, there is a translate button.
        Those are most of the daily rounds I make when I sign in. There is so much content here, it is impossible to see it all, so this is just a mere surface scratch. You probably know many more, and better ones than the few I have so far found.
        Good luck with them.

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        1. Thanks alot for your recommendations; it is good to see your side of things Mork.

          I am absolutely familiar with some of the names you mentioned no doubt, in fact, I have came across alot of the fellow bloggers I know of by networking as I have been blogging on here myself for quite some time, but it’s intriguing that you so happen to came across some of the same individuals, totally randomly, some of which are from Indian territories etc.

          It is splendid to see I and a guy like yourself from Ork, has these very specific things in common, so I am glad that I asked you that question. I know wordpress’ Artificial Intelligence and algorithm was good but I didn’t realize it was that good hahaha. It looks like I have not been here long enough but this place rocks :D. WordPress might have hundreds of millions of blogs and websites but the Earth is a small place indeed.

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          1. I thought it a little strange so many Indian poets and storytellers, but the first I noticed was and Indian, ahnd that was from a random link at the end of current events article I was reading, I was not looking for poetry, (always thought it was too high brow, and you had to be part of the literary elite to understand it). From there, scrolling through comments, I would pick some people based on comments. Among these, there are some North American sites, but only a few have I had time to check out. Time being my biggest limitation.
            Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.

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            1. Thanks for your perspective, this is a great place to meet new people indeed. I personally like the community of this site — the geographical and cultural verity is splendid. It is not an issue for me, I welcome it and I welcome alot more of it as a matter of fact.

              It was interesting how you just so happen to have come to know some of the same folks that I know over such a short period of time lol. So, you have never been active on any websites or forums of any kind before?

              lol yes indeed, I understand where you are coming from about the limited time, it’s like that for me at times too. I saw your other recommendations so thanks for that as well and I also wish for you to enjoy the rest of the week.


              1. You are right, this is a great community. Everyone is very encuraging to each other. I especially like the many different prompts and challenges hosted by different sites that get creative juices flowing. Rishika Jain and H R Phoenix have a creative writing club to help hone skills. This placee is pretty amazing.
                There was a time when my only internet time was reserved for e-mail, work and life took up all other time. Then about 12 years ago I started to read a bit more, there were 3 primary sites I spent my time at, all current events/news. It was around this same time that I began to read more, I would read aloud to my wife books from the library, mostly nonfiction, or historical fictional novels. This mindset, {thinking real events) got in my way a bit when I first started reading my first poet. I would get confused over an anger in the poem I thought misplaced. Once I thought an anguished cry for help was real, and I was confused at the comments. This person is crying out for help, why is noone offeing help, only praising the greatness of the poem. I finally had enough and commented some inane comment “it’ll be ok….” It bothered me all night, and the next morning I was mulling it over; then I had an epiphany, the words are tools of an artist creating a poetic picture meant to entertain and evoke certain feelings. Why I was stuck in a frame of mind that this too is nonfiction I will never know, but after realizing that, it became much more enjoyable, so I kept reading that blog, and branched out to some others. Silly me!

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                1. Good to hear the background — I appreciate you taking the time to write me such an extensive look into your history on the internet and how it all arrived interestingly to this circumstance where you are at now, not necessarily as a blogger per-say but as a highly devoted lurker and commentator whose interest is steeped within poetic illustrations, non-fictional writings and historical accounts, while occasionally reading renditions of literature to your wife. I can sense your passion for articulated compositions and the genuine zeal for storytelling that makes you so immersed in the tales and narratives that are put before you in this vast, surreal atmosphere of worded digital digestives encroaching your keen sense of revision.

                  It is very good to see how you have analysed many-a-comment and had subsequently landed at one that you had read, and was so moved by the thoughts that you had gathered by reading it, that you commented a sort of quick blurt, just enough to get the attention of the original contributor to let them know that you had read the post and felt so deeply about the dictated issue that was penned, and how this had been just one of your many experiences and discoveries as just a little grape in the vineyard, gleefully making your way around in a flourishing Eden of juicy stories and topical tantalizations known as WordPress hahaa.

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                  1. wow, you are part of the elite literati too, I need to consult my dictionary! heh heh

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                    1. Hey, thanks gldn2th. I do switch things up from time to time haha


                    2. Thanks once again for your compliment βœŒπŸ˜„

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          2. A couple other good ones, Brad Osborne; kristianw84

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