The number 1 reason why i’m not in perfect condition (since nothing is perfect), but I am in ideal condition (since I am actually healthy); by “healthy” I mean: no kidney problems, no signs of cancer, not heart issues, no liver issues, I don’t need glasses to see, I am not in a position where I have high blood pressure, I am not in a position where I have low blood pressure, my lungs are in very good condition etc, is probably results of the fact that I don’t drink beers or smoke or use alcohol. See i’m trying to find out why I don’t really have the weight gain issue and things like that, and when I think about it, I realize that many people that have these weight issues, drink alcoholic beers and they drink alcohol and/or smoke certain things, and do this stuff routinely and roughly on a regular basis, and these things frig your liver up and frigs your kidneys up, messes with your blood and heart and lungs, and completely wobble your brain, and if your brain is that badly afflicted by drinking alcohol and so-on, then the possibility of only your brain being affected, when your brain is linked to all sorts of other bodily functions, is highly low.

I suspect there is a HIGH link between drinking CRAP and smoking CRAP, and the overall impact these habits have on the body, along with not having balance in the diet or even doing exercises, but as I have briefly mentioned in a session I did a while back, alot of people who are well above average in weight are usually pretty active and the only thing that explains how persons can gain weight so fast within a short period of time, is dietary causation. Now the origin factor of weight gain itself, even if in some cases it isn’t hereditary, which is still hard to believe because of the fact that people who are overweight usually have kids that also have the ability to gain weight which obviously isn’t a coincidence, but lets say for argument’s sake that it isn’t generally seen as hereditary, then despite this, it certainly isn’t due to some foo-foo drivel about “sugar”. It is due to something far more technical, acute, and chronic than that, to the point where scientists wanted to classify it as a disease because of the strange nature of this condition.

There is this general view that weight gain in humans cannot be something produced naturally on a biological basis and that it is just all food based, and now-a-days, they are saying that the main culprit is sugar, but I blew an astronomical hole in this rediculous garbage by pointing out the fact that females naturally have the ability to gain significant weight while they are pregnant and even brought up the thought-provoking reality that the first person in human history to ever actually get “fat”, was most likely a woman.

I am of the view that the natural processes that are responsible for the weight gain of women during pregnancy, could be some of the same set of factors that originate a mutative version that causes general weight gain in humans. I do not believe that it is just the case of “processed foods” because if this was the case, I personally would also be getting fat since it would have nothing to do with me biologically or genes-wise, it would be all to do with the food and sugar, but as you know, I know that this is total nonsense — when it comes to what originates the condition to gain weight in the first place, it is not just the matter of sugar or processed foods.

Hahahaa, you know what to expect from the Substance Supplier; this ain’t no goddamn “evolution”; i’m using a measure of master-metrics on the matter to mold metadata into meaningful metamorphosis.

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