The “tax” on sweetened beverages does not work to reduce weight gain in people; it was ill-advised to think this would work in Mexico, and so by default, it’s even stupider to think it would actually work anywhere else. See, whether or not it worked, is not based on some fool in the media or in “official” capacity saying that it worked or not; if you are in a country and it’s pretty much evident that there are plenty of obese people still all around despite the “tax” on sweetened products, this is facts that it is not working.

Furthermore, if you are still seeing some of the same familiar people just as clinically obese after the tax just as they were before the tax, then this is also a clear sign that the “sugar tax” has not worked in reducing obesity and it had no meaningful impact. You don’t need to wait until some fool prick’s release of some “report”, most likely one that they chose to release with fabricated statistics and whatnot, to tell you that it “works” or that it “worked”. Obviously, they came up with the boneheaded idea in the first place and would obviously play politics to make it look as if their nitwit ineffective garbage “worked”, but this is not how you tell if it worked or not. That’s not how it works, there are plenty of “studies” and “articles” that float around that are filled with things taken out of context and just straight-up ignorance anyways. Not to mention the fact that “sugar” is not responsible for weight gain in the first place.

Drinking sweetened drinks is “empty calories”; this is what they say as if this is “news”, not realizing that most people drink drinks for the liquid, not necessarily the calories based on some notion related to the “sugar” contained within them, unless it’s supposed to be a “food drink” or supplemental product in liquid form, which most drinks are not, and an aspect most people know of but don’t give a crap about. But most sweetened beverages contain so-called “empty calories”, and such contents is stuff that most people would basically pass through their urine, in just a few short hours after consumption IF anything. It is not something the body is going to struggle with unless you have an underlying medical condition, otherwise, it is just going to get converted into urine or bowels, full-stop. So this notion of sugar being some strong connection to obesity has always been a weak notion, and a false notion and it remains a stupid notion.

This taxing of beverages for the purpose of weight-gain-reduction or efforts to reduce sugar in drinks because it’s believed to be the reason for weight gain, has not worked in Mexico, as said previously, not based on some fabricated study or baseless utterances of a politician, but because of the fact that the obesity there, just like in many other places, is still high. So it has not worked there, it has not worked in America, and it has not worked in the U.K., so any government or politician anywhere claiming that this failed, desperate and ill-advised attempt has “worked”, has alot of facts to surrender, or maybe they would just show how unfit and incompetent and a useless unproductive hog of the country’s time and money they are, if they cannot *prove, with *facts, that these beverage taxes actually did work as they have claimed.

“Prove”, not with some “statistical” or “rhetorical” written nonsense, but with actual obese people losing weight with-in the time frame that this sugar tax stuff went into effect, those who stopped drinking sweetened drinks and stopped drinking sweetened drinks only and were able to lose a significantly meaningful amount of weight, because usually, what these fools say is that drinking unsweetened drinks will make people loose weight but “it’s not enough” and that “more things will need to be done”, but as far as i’m concerned, if they say that sugar in drinks is one of the leading major factors of obesity and the massive weight gain of persons, then by their logic, cutting out sugar in the drinks alone should be more than enough to gradually see significant signs of weight loss in obese people, but this is not reflected in reality; an obese person is not going to lose weight by just not drinking “sweetened” drinks, that is dum’, that is not facts; there is zero countries anywhere with populations that have lost weight and stopped being obese by just not eating “sugar” or by just not drinking “sweet” drinks.

Sweetened Beverage taxation has not worked in the U.K. it has not worked in America and it has not worked in Mexico, it has not worked in any country that has actually used this fool’s errand in efforts to reduce obesity. All of them, before, during and after these measures, still continue to have high rates of obesity and people with weight gain.

What I have shared with you in this session, is what I prefer folks; no gossip, no “conspiracy theories”; just substance and vigilance to visualize the vitals with VIGOR. If it’s not a solid 10 out of 10, it gotta be a 10,000 :D

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  1. Well said, Killa. Of course the real reason has nothing to do with some policy setter’s fake compassion about curbing obesity, it is only about getting more money out of the people.

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    1. Thank you very much gldn2th. It is great to receive your understanding and input on the matter πŸ‘πŸ˜‚.

      I am definitely open to the view that it is about money just as it appears to be about politics. Any thing is possible at this point with an initiative so unrealistic — it is effectively a Pandora’s Box of “issues” 🀣🀣

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      1. You are right about Pandora’s Box of issues, and I apologize for the pivot away from your line of logic; I wasn’t able to comment on that because I don’t know the actual research. Sometimes what seems logical doesn’t pan out after testing.
        There are many “experts” who try to fill us with things that turn out not to be true, beyond just dietary guidelines. The only thing wrong with science are the “scientists”. Like any person, they are susceptable to corruption and being lead by their ideology rather than sticking to the truth of data.
        It is a knee jerk reaction of mine to distrust motives when it comes to “caring” government officials wanting to tax something; it always comes back to money and control, imho. For me this idea came to a head a few years ago when certain politicians wanted to tax dairy farmers because their cows were farting too many global warming gases; ridiculous in the extreme.
        Another apology I owe you for, the long length of my post. I tend to get carried away sometimes.
        Thank you for your postings. You are appreciated.

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        1. That is absolutely no issue gldn2th. I actually wanted to hear your response which I was anticipating since I was more allured at exactly who you were/are and wanted to know more about you than I was mainly concerned only with the “sugar” and “taxation”, because, I have not seen you before or can locate you via any other WordPress website etc — I was thinking this exchange would have alot more meaningful positivity on my communicative health than the absurdity of trying to get to the bottom of the baseless irrationality of the initial subject xD.

          Yes I agree and you don’t have to apologize although I appreciate it. It is quite “hypocritical” for them to fluster about such gas-giants from cows, or crows, when they are circulating the biggest clouds of effluvium putridity. They remind me of “bots” only a tab-bit smarter 🀣🀣, but that’s not saying much. Which, is interesting because it reminds me of what you said about your long post, that is thankfully not like their inconspicuous rhetoric, because it is possible to say alot and none of it is actually saying anything much of any value or just makes 0 sense. They can have pages and pages of “group reviews” but sugar being the cause of obesity is just not correct.

          Thank you for reading and thanks aswell for your view on the subject.

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          1. “…say alot and none of it is actually saying anything much of value or just makes 0 sense.”
            Oh boy, I am all about that, my wife hates how I can spend a full half hour describing how to make the perfect rice crispy square, when it all boils down to “Melt, mix, cool”.
            You won’t find much about me here as I am neither writer nor blogger.
            I have been following a certain website for 4-5 years when one day I thought I wold like to comment on something. I had to sign up on wordpress to do so, before that I never heard of wordpress. Since then I have been blown away by the volume and quality of content.

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            1. Hhhmmm that is very paculiar yet interesting to say the least. You and your wife are probably the perfect match ha-ha-ha.

              I appreciate the sound and sincerity of your wife more than the sound and dilemma of [unjust] taxes, maybe she should make a WordPress blog so that she can also introduce herself, and we can all talk alot and have a very merry time.

              The sugar-patrol would have to re-double, or re-coordinate, better yet re-focus, their efforts to maybe tax us lads for talking too much without Masks and other false accusations similar to their stance on sugar and its weight gain “links”, but it would be an interesting experiment during COVID-19 lolzz.

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            2. Hey buddy, I know that I had already responded but I am just placing this here to wish you a great weekend and thanks once more for stopping by, it’s greatly appreciated. Be safe out there and feel free to come by anytime βœŒπŸ˜‚

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    1. Thank you Asthaisha, that means a whole lot πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„

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  2. Nice and interesting topic πŸ‘

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    1. Hey, thanks Dulcy; it always means a great deal to have your sentiments πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„

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