Race stuff, is detrimental because it just inspires blind stupidity and stupidity inevitably just produces more stupidity so it a very terrible basis to build anything on, I don’t give a shit what it is. If something is fundamentally flawed it will just keep being dysfunctional no matter what some may try to sugarcoat it with, so i’m not going to try to give you some “philosophical” wish when I know there are practical solutions already available; the solutions are there it’s just that some people prioritize retardation, so it’s actually a matter of prioritiesI personally chose not to prioritize this kind of foolish fucking bullshit; we have seen the effects and it’s just a flawed, small-minded repeat cycle of garbage.

There needs to be an emphasis on true values, things like minding one’s own fucking business and not having the time to be nosy and also learning about responsibility; some fools operate as though these things are taboo, when in actuality, they are essentially at the root of many problems. There is not enough promotion of proper guidance, it seems as if there is just plenty of generic “expertise” where someone just recommends some mundane book or proceeds with the patterning of silly sentimental excuses about “race”no true understanding of reality on a fundamental level. Dull-witted politically correct fucks, with no creative solutions to produce critical results; just lost-cause clown-catering with handy habitual irrelevancy.

Lets not be fooled, at the gut of the greater issue is guidance; it isn’t some theoretical unrealistic nonsense. There are some people who need to grow up, we need to treat people as adults, we need to treat people with intelligence so that they grow the fxxk up with fucking intelligence. Guidance doesn’t just have to be in the form of lip-service, guidance can come in various forms to teach lessons: via tangible demonstrations, making difficult disciplinary decision etcvirtually anything that will help guide the person’s sense as to the detrimental degree of their actions and so-on, and what may be in their best interest to prioritize, not just for them but how it can affect others aswell.

There is value in fucking guidance, this is largely what the scriptures in bible are about at the core; guidance is a top priorityguidance is a principle that goes all the way back to Adam and Eve; it helps you grow and develop fully, helping you to be mind-ful and thought-ful. This is about proper guidance, not some theoretical unproven hypothetical ineffective horseshit.

The Truth Terror, for the people and for the truth, not for-profit or just for-show. No gossip, no “evolution” fiction, or shitty false prophesies or silly conspiracy theoriesjust basics that baffle and fundamental essentials :D.

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