GOD is the best, GOD is the essence of living, tangible life and reality as we see, and so when I talk and mention GOD, it’s not just a matter of sentimental or pseudo theological aspirations; people need to get back to the context of things and the real appreciation of the GLORY of GOD. Some people are not real “victims” of circumstances, they are victims of their own foolish thinking, they are seldom victims of “race”, they are victims of their own covetousness, they are not actually “victims”, there are alot of things such as these toxic habits that they actually GLORIFY; my interest is not to pretend to be a saint or to play the role of some historical figure, I WANT to GLORIFY GOD.

You may hear some notion of “god doesn’t depend on you”, don’t give a fuck, GOD created me, GOD created you, so I WANT to GLORIFY GOD. I’m not interested in creating some community cult, The Almighty’s word is not to be used to create some cheap-thrill anything-goes community cult, it’s to help people to understand the kingdom of GOD and appreciate the blessing of the Earth, so GOD’s real word is where it starts and stops with me because GOD’s word is his true bond, not the words of someone framing GOD’s word, but GOD’s unaltered word being the understanding of the human nature and his original vision for life.

So i’m not interested in putting words in GOD’s mouth and giving people false-hope and empty imagery of some cult community utopia, my priority is to GLORIFY GOD and to recognize the GUIDANCE of GOD, so if GOD said thou shall not steal, that’s what the fuck it is, if GOD said, you reap what YOU sow, not what your neighbor sows or some person down the street sows, but if GOD said YOU reap what YOU sow, that’s what the fuck it is, what you DO not only what you “say” but what you DO will come to light, it will come to fruition.

If GOD said, a man shall not lay with a man, then that’s what the fuck GOD said. When it comes to GOD, I will glorify GOD’s name, and I will not give anyone false-hope and empty promises based on some sentimental rubbish or pseudo theological crap. I will bring it back to the basics and remind everyone of what the fuck GOD said because what GOD said actually has meaning and values; it’s not for someone to set-up their own stupid idea of some community cult, it’s to glorify GOD, not people with costumes, not people with titles, not people with theory, philosophy, and evolutionary sentiments, it’s to teach and enlighten, so when I’m talking about GOD in the manner in which I do, I’m glorifying GOD, that’s what the fuck it actually is. Not about me trying to be GOD or portray a perfect persona.

GOD’s word is for the earth to glorify GOD, and GOD’s word is GOD’s bond, not some frivolous idea of a community cult. GOD’s word is important, some folks may come to you, whether they are in high-places as public figures and what-not, they may come to you maybe with certain “spiritual” things, but they are not talking about the VALUE of GOD’s word, they are talking about some idea of a community cult, they are talking about some idea of a theology or some idea based on sentimental garbage but they are not getting into the substance and the meaning of GOD’s basic values.

The principles of not stealing, the principles of not lying, the principles of not being drunkard, the principles of honoring mother and father, the principles of not bearing false witness against others; these values are very important because GOD knows what they lead to, so these are not trivial things or things that have come-and-gone, these are things for our own good, these are the “hard” things that folks need to get reacquainted with; these are other ways we can glorify GOD, by showing that we value his word and that the ways of GOD’s kingdom has never been wrong. So lets focus less on some superficial cult community based on sentimental stuff and false-hope and lets try to glorify GOD based on GOD’s word which has the most significant, valuable and special meaning.

That’s just me, HEAVYWEIGHT facts from a POWER STRIKER — the determining denominator of defiant devotion :D.

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