I took a look at the taxation of Sugar issue about a week ago and I mentioned a bit about the “reporting” of it and the potential fabricated results aspect of this issue and, that regardless of what’s said in many of these “reports”, it’s an obvious fact that these taxes on sweetened beverages do not work in bringing down obesity which is what the main goal was originally supposed to be, but another thing to understand is that what some persons in this initiative do is try to divert attention away from the original goal by instead mentioning the “consumption” of the beverages and the “reduced” rate of consumption, but we must remember that this issue isn’t just about the reduction in “consumption”, this is supposed to be about the reduction in *obesity and weight gain. The fact that they are focusing on the reduction in “consumption”, even though the reduction in consumption is just due to law and policy and not that people are genuinely buying into logic of the initiative, instead of the reduction in *obesity is because they know that the reduction in sugar intake, yet alone drink consumption, does not truly have an impact on this specific situation.

Lets look at facts, if honey has more *calories than sugar and even GOD recommended honey at various times in the Bible, and if sugar has less *calories than honey, and just like honey, sugar too has no “fat” contained within them as an actual “molecule”, and fruits contain actual “sugar” that the body recognizes as sugar which is the reason why even though the “sugar” is coming directly from fruit, it still has negative effects on a diabetic’s body since, obviously, the body still “detects” it as “sugar”, and yet still GOD still placed lots of sugar and sweetness in fruits to make them more tasty and enjoyable, which proves that people will always “prefer” things that tastes “better” and that this in no way shape or form is an “addiction”, and that none of these fruits that contain any of this “sugar” compound seem to make anyone fat back then when GOD recommended fruits to Adam and Eve, then there is no possible way that substances from a natural origin that are purely of a sweet-nature, with no actual compounds or molecules of “fat”, is likely to be the sole source producing weight-gain in individuals there obviously is something else that is the origin.

So the fact that sweetened things were being consumed for eons with honey of all things, which was actually recommended by GOD numerous times in scriptures contained in the Bible, which was a sweetening ingredient that has the closest identical stats to sugar, which does not have “fat” molecules just as “sugar” does not have any “fat” molecules or fat compounds, but actually has more “calories” than sugar but does not contribute to weight gain, and folks were fine through the centuries, then all of sudden we reach to modern-day and there is this thing about “sugar causing obesity”, is a fucking joke.

It’s the same thing with smoking marijuana, there is all-of-a-sudden claims that marijuana is like a fucking miracle medicine, but if smoking marijuana had such high health benefits why do some people who smoke this stuff, still develop cancers and other health issues, which they themselves say it was supposed to prevent, despite them smoking alot of it?, further more, why wasn’t any of its health benefits discovered in times way back in the past when it was said to have been smoked? — this is just rubbish, it obviously isn’t that good to smoke weed and that’s why so little was mentioned about it; so little back then is mentioned about honey or sugar and the fattening of people because this notion is dum’ and it has no relevance, these claims are mainly being hyped-up by some “experts” sounds much like the “expert” fools that were telling folks not to wear masks during a pandemic and who were actually trying to talk people out of doing as much as they can to reduce exposure and the chances of being infected; these could be the same fooooolls trying to talk about sugar being fattening when it’s a fact that when people go on diets and reduce how much they eat overall, it results in them losing tons of weight, whereas there is nothing that shows that when anyone just removes sugar alone from their drinks, that it has the same effect.

Also, one thing to note about sugar, is that unlike most other foods, sugar is the only substance produced naturally by crops, that doesn’t have traces of “fat” compounds or molecules, this supports the fact that its more than possible that its the solid foods that make people fat since most solid foods and edibles have a “fat” molecule property inside of them. Sugar compared to all other common edibles, does not contain a “fat” element, sugar is just like salt, they both have no “fat” element in them. The only explanation that is often given by these people who claim that sugar makes people “fat” is that sugar breaks down into “fat”; by breaking down into “fat”, they effectively mean just the scrambled-brain idea of nothing other than it is they “feel” it makes people fat and that there is some vague anecdotal “link”, but that is perhaps the silliest excuse in the history of the subject of health since sugar is not a source of “fat” in any aspect, sugar is basically fruit “juice” that actually comes from crops, which explains why when diabetics consume certain levels of “sugar” from bananas, mangoes, pineapples etc, it takes next to no time for them to go into diabetic shock, this is because the body isn’t “converting” the sugar or salt into “fat”, there is no damn “converting” going on, it is actually because these substances remain constant until they are either diluted, flushed out of the system or used up on a cellular-level or whatever else.

YUP you heard it from me folks, a surprising source of considerable korrektion and kontextualization LMAO

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