I am a firm believer in the view that we need to learn from the best and practice at our greatest because some people talk about “spiritual” things but it’s “spirituality” without the soul since they don’t know things about GOD, who is the greatest and who is the best, but they believe in “race”, they don’t know where the fuck “race” originated from but they believe in race. But I believe in GOD because even though you can’t see GOD, GOD is the voice of reason, GOD is not “race”, GOD is intelligence, so me being a student of GOD i’m able to see beyond race and see the value of life instead of placing the looks of something as a priority; when you see the value of life, “race” then becomes irrelevant. The Earth is a home but not just a home when you take into account the circumstances; it’s actually a gift, it’s a blessing to have life on Earth which is essentially a dot in a universe of insurmountable things — it is no “accident” it is one-of-a-kind.

The problem is not the fate or the size of the Earth, it is actually that people don’t have enough GOD inside of them. In this context, i’m not talking about a cosmetic spirituality or some faux “we are everything and everything is in us” abstract folly, i’m talking about a yearning for a family-reunion with GOD, a closeness with GOD because GOD is love. No instead, they are more worried about what’s on the outside and what’s on the surface of them, like “race” and “nationality” and these kinds of small/minor things, and as long as people put more faith in flesh than in the *soul, they will get drawn to the generic priorities of artificial things.

Being gifted with the Earth is one thing, and many can profess as much about the Earth as we want to profess, but fact of the matter is, the Earth was here before us, it is here during us and most definitely would be here after usWe are devastating OURSELVES without the gravitation of GOD.

People know more about “technology” this and machinery that, more-so than about ourselves, we are suffering from all kinds of “cancers”, “coronavirus” and “ailment”, and of old age and things like these — We die and we have been dying from the greatest virus of all, which is sin, and everyone is dying of this — your “race” or “country” don’t mean shit when it comes to death, everyone dies the same fucking way. GOD is the only way beyond this fate that everyone is subjected to, so it’s all about the fundamental value of life, and to get to know the basics of this better, enough GOD is needed in the soul.

GOD’S energy, whether in the form of knowledge or physically, is what keeps our souls together, he is the real key, and not really appreciating and respecting this is the real travesty. GOD didn’t look at a KKK bitch or a NAZI bitch, or some prejudice clown, or some “American” or some “Spaniard” natives, and say, you all get to live with me specifically, but the other race or nation dies; nope, every fuck dies. When you are in the dirt and reduced to nothing but bones, the roaches and maggots and beetles shit all over your corpse, you could have been a “grand wizard” shithead or “Emperor”, life doesn’t give two shits, you still get reduced to fucking dust — everyone needs GOD, he made no exceptions.

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  1. Ya very true God is needed in everybody’s soul. Every positive thing in this world contains God. Everyone tries to find it outside but I believe he is present in every noble act or gestures of us ,that is ment for kindness to mankind. Negatively pushes God away from us. I really liked this post. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Yes very well said, and from the feedback you have given, I can see that you have got the subject very well understood my friend.

      I could not agree more with your point concerning the things in which some people try to find satisfaction not realizing that if there is no real dignity brought to the soul within ourselves by the purity of GOD, then we will just be filled with the lust for trivial perishable things around us, that tend to influence very toxic impulses out of ignorance and putting value in the wrong priorities.

      It is joyous to me that you liked reading this and I thank you endlessly for taking the time to read it and leave your precious comment Dulcy.

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      1. Its really a pleasure reading your post and comment too. 😊😊

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        1. Wow thank you my friend, it means alot. I am officially very humbled haha


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