The thing to notice when it comes to certain types of food, is that even with some of the fruits and nuts etc that experts recommend for you to eat, they keep saying that the “fat” that is contained within them is not bad, but at the same time it makes zero sense to recommend “fat” to anyone who already has way too much fat, which is very hilarious since they complain that people are getting too fat, but at the same time are recommending fat to a population that they are claiming is too fat and overweight, so clearly they are not really giving this much thought. Furthermore, the acknowledgment of humans being able to get “fat” from fruits and foods that contain “fat” such as avocados etc (which by-the-way is a solid food, not a drink or a liquid, which points us to a reality that it’s solid foods that people are most likely getting fat from), leaves us with the direct correlation of sources that produce fat while also being able to “fatten” the human body and by the same token, a case of the human body obviously retaining the “fat” content of these foods.

They always talk so highly about these recommendations without any mention of the body converting the fat from these foods into anything and only that it remains “fat”, so we can know by this that the chance of people getting fattened by something like sugar, with zero “fat”, is total unsubstantiated incompetence, because how can the body retain fat directly from a source of fat without it being converted into anything, but yet still it converts something into “fat” that isn’t fat and has ZERO fat, instead of just directly feeding off of that substance as what it actually is, just like how it directly feeds off of the “fat” of certain things as fat, and retains the “fat” without it being “converted” into fat?. See this is why you have to listen carefully to what these stupid clowns are saying, because then you realize just how much contradictory retardation it actually is.

If there is no “conversion” of the so-called fat contained in certain things that they claim is so-called “fat”, and the body just feeds off of the substance as is, why then must anyone believe that something with no fat at all is somehow being converted into fat instead of the body just using the substance as what it naturally is?; these people are beyond foolish. Sugar and salt are “empty” calories with no fat, and they are the least “fat” substances available in real life, so the likelihood of sugar being converted into fat, when it has no fat at all in it, is the same thing as how it’s unlikely that salt is being converted into fat, and as a matter of fact, your body, regardless of the fact that you may consume alot of sugar, actually produces and retains alot of “salt” as salt, more-so than anything else since your tears are salty, urine is also salty, and sweat is also salty, so if salt is being retained in the body as salt and not “fat”, then the same is most likely the case with sugar, and your body probably isn’t converting sugar into “fat”, and instead, the sugar is probably passing through the body as exactly what it is due to the fact that it is being more-so retain as its original nature. If the body doesn’t convert the “fat” from things that actually have “fat”, into something else, I don’t see how it makes sense that it’s going to “magically” convert something else that has no fat into “fat”; this is yet another “expert” way of thinking that makes little compute.

Sugar is the least likely thing to make people fat compared to the things which are recommended to people to get fat from, which ironically are almost always things to *eat not things to *drink, that clearly contains actual traces and compounds literally classified as fat, *fat which has actually been proven to fatten people and supplies people’ bodies with direct extracts of fat, adding to their total body fat by the admission of the so-called experts that recommend it to them based on that specific purpose, which doesn’t “break down” or “convert” into anything, which is bad for most people since they are already too fat which means their bodies contain more than enough of it, which makes any of their potential excuses of good fat redundant because too much of anything isn’t good even if it can be good.

There is no silly “evolution” going on here with Sugar that “magically” causes people to get fat. This notion just looks like some semantics, little more than some unsubstantiated evolution-esque nonsense with the convenient “possibility” of a “link” thrown in there to make it seem to have potential so that it wouldn’t completely whither into irrelevant demise, as is typically the case with all baseless garbage, when really-and-truly it’s a false start that would make people wonder why it’s not adding-up in reality or translating into actual real-life results.

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    1. Thank you Dulcy πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•, your comment is very encouraging and I am tremendously sorry for not knowing about your comment until now. Apparently, this one and the other one, which I will reply to after I have submitted this response, were both sent to the spam folder by the automated system πŸ˜‚

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