For me, my religion is focused on being GOD’s “disciple” so to speak, not just believing in what I can get out of GOD or “woe is me, GOD isn’t going to just swoop down with a fix for my every problem, when I want and how I want, he’s not on speed-dial so therefore he doesn’t exist” mentality. This is what much so-called “spiritual” things comes down to these days, selective hot-swap convenience; it is effectively alot of momentary aimless “idolization” without the *soul. Those that toss-up this makeshift soulless idolization don’t put their soul into it, it’s just a club of attention, they are into the labels, they are into “green” this, “white” this, “black” that and “spiritual” that, but are not actually into the relationship aspect of actually wanting GOD in their soulsit’s about the face-value and not about the soul’s condition.

I am not into this makeshift memorialization of superficial mundane vagueness, I actually hope for a true connection with the Almighty, i’m not into cosmetic “spirituality”, i’m a religious person who is into doing things RELIGIOUSLY with commitment, devotion and things-of-that-nature — I am into doing things soulfully with GOD as guidance. I am a soul of the Earth, the almighty delivers the essencethe Energy is my inspiration which energizes the Soul/conscience within, not with throw-away soulless spiritual attention-seeking vague idolization, but with hope, joy and enlightenment.

There are those who don’t believe in the Eternal Essence but subscribe to “spirituality” of some kindGOD knows where the fuck they are getting that from; I don’t follow beings of flesh in no fucking dealings with no obscure “spirits”, they can keep their “spirits” and their “spiritual” activities; the Satan-worshipers can keep their “demons”; the sci-fi fanatic can keep his “Aliens”; the paranormal folks can keep their “ghosts”; the mundane can keep their “material” things; fools can keep their bullshit to their selvesI am not getting distracted with individuals with their unsourced “spiritual” stuff, GOD is a “spirit” but my soul admires his HOLINESS — our imperfect souls can really use his holiness.

I don’t know if I can ever be like GOD and I don’t care about the obscure “spirits” some see influencing “spiritual” activities, but I wish to be with GOD. I am not in any dealings with “spirits”, my soul calls upon GOD specifically — GOD-GOD-GOD.

4 thoughts on “COMMENT [639]

  1. God has no religion. I believe that having good hearts is the true religion. Your soul is pure. It was nice knowing you more. Post was simply awesome πŸ‘Œ good day

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    1. Awww well said Dulcy, there is really nothing I can add to that that would make it any more truer; you are correct and it means alot to hear that you found it awesome haha, I am super thankful βœŒπŸ˜‚

      I would like your comment a million times if I could but that will break the internet, so it’s probably a good thing that this is not doable 🀣🀣

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      1. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»

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