Many issues are conveniently converted into race situations that have nothing to do with racism and when you examine the core problem, it has to do with not alot of ambition, a “high” interest in smoking (pun may have been intended), a low self-esteem, high interest in vanity etc; there are those who would like to blame these things on racism but this is pretty backward since if you live in a predominantly black country or white country and blacks are being killed and victimized by other blacks, or on the flip-side, whites are being killed and victimized by other whites, then this case of “it’s racism” is nothing but a delusional disclaimer for something that is actually “senseless”.

Some things happen for good reason, and then on the other hand, some things are just stupid and shitty with no valid reasons and we need realistic people to identify things as what the fuck they actually are regardless of the cheap “shock” gimmicks and distractions to divert attention from the root causes of instances; it has nothing to do with “racism”, in most cases it’s senselessness and the curvaceousness of being entitled, so what really needs to occur is less reliance on excuses and blaming stuff on “racism” and all this retarded shit, and instead on place due emphasis on growing up and acting like intelligent people with brains and addressing things such as responsibility, how to build self-esteem without needing drugs and alcohol, how to have discipline and work for what you want instead of being a shitty rat just looking to rob and steal, how you may not have everything but how to better use what you actually do have, or making what you actually have stretch when you do have something and things like this.

Also, how to work as a fucking team etc is also critical, some of these clowns all need church — the oldest form of team. These values are more relevant, we need to work on “values” not colorrace is pretty vanity driven, a mindset where you only care about your things, not GOD’s things; you only care about “my people” and “my property”, “my ring” and “my necklace”. My my, what kind of deconstructive bullshit has certain non-progressive elements of human culture developed?; this garbage racial thing is a very my-opic (pun definitely intended) view of reality.

Like I said, for some people everything is about race, they don’t actually respect the true value of things; they are short-sighted aswell and they don’t understand true common decency or the real value of life, but in alot of situations that I am aware of, what people choose to do is just senseless and of course race or other things is going to be used to cover it up, because these are the very low standards some people accept, so of course when all else fails, “racism”. In alot of these cases, “racism” has nothing to do with the issue, it’s just a token get off of accountability free card, swiped through the slot of emotion, rather than brains.

I am of the view that these issues actually require charisma, this is not a shitty media show, we don’t need a set of jackasses turning certain practices into a circus or a standard by which to function, or more accurately, dysfunction. We need charismatic, devoted, people with the energy to push substance over sympathetic leniency; it takes effort and charisma to push substance in these times — “race” stuff is not substance. If you are talking about people that will give you excuses, promises and stupid azz conspiracy theories, then you’re talking about those with “race” or “nationality” or some other proven-unproductive-shitty-crap as an unrealistic answer. If you’re talking about productivity, realistic solutions and practical ideas, NOW you’re talking, and this would be identified as substance developed and sustained by charisma inspired by a true passion for prosperity based on integrity not senselessness.

I don’t promote “race” I push “substance” supplementary to successive sustainable fundamentals LOL.

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