With this whole issue of sugar and its supposed effects on weight and things like this, we already know that it has nothing to do with the sugar; it has more to do with irresponsibility, full-stop. So obviously a tax on sugar content is a fool’s belief, there should be an intervention on suicide because, for anyone with a healthy brain, the focus that comes to sight is that there is truly no [good] reason why a “drink” and some “sugar” should be killing grown people that can think for themselves and opt for other things that are better for them.

From what I am aware of, one of the top things that kill grown people is irresponsibility, so only a jackass believes that taxing sugar is a solution to health issues. The individuals with the weight issue, are the ONLY solution to this particular issue because, to my mind, if someone goes to a store and they have health issues and they see a bottle of Sweetened Drink or a Donut, they should be able to turn in some other direction and just as easily go for a fucking Mango or a Carrot, these things a usually with in the same fucking store. Again, many individuals of whom this applies too are grown folks not little children, they know what the good foods are and where the good foods are, but they don’t want the good foods, so there needs to be an intervention for suicide rather than a tax on food because it is not the food that is the problem, it’s retarded azz decisions that make no sense and what seems to be the thrill of suicide that is at fault.

If these persons can get diabetic attacks just from too much consumption of fruits, there is no fucking way you are going to be able to control their sugar-intake just by taxing drinks, because it doesn’t take that much sugar or salt in the first place to induce and trigger their symptoms because of the sensitive nature of the condition, because as I have pointed out, even too much consumption of any fruit is enough to trigger diabetic issues and obviously fruits are not bad for you, so the “solution” to their issue can only start with them. The only people who believe that you can tax these issues away, are essentially fucking clowns who don’t deal with facts and have no idea what they are talking about.

The issue here is not sugar or sugar content, it is poor hygiene in the case of tooth cavities, or suicidal tendencies in the case of those who are not disabled, who have great vision, and who chose to willfully pursue what is bad for them and ignore and avoid what they actually should be taking or using. So this should be treated as a personal act of suicide and these individuals should get the medical assistance that they need.

If individuals are eating too much of things that have any sort of sugar contained or salt contained within them collectively, even if these things individually don’t have that much sugar or salt, then hypertension rates and obesity rates, in the population, will still be virtually the same because they either are not thought how to properly regulate their consumption, or they don’t care and if they don’t care about their own health, there is nothing you can do, it is just a case of imminent suicide — people just need to be more aggressive with the situation and do more with their own health, which they are perfectly capable of doing, to prevent their health decline. But to think that taxes on sugar is a reasonable solution is misguided, misleading, and shitheadedly retarded. It has not worked anywhere and doing the same thing again expecting anything other than more of the same flawed outcomes, is habitually degenerative.

These “sugar taxes” are based on senselessness, it’s similar to a clown with their “race race race” scorned-bitch derision, kicked as an “answer” for most situations — a completely senseless and nutty disposition. Pissy logic just materializes shittiness because it’s based on the backwardencouragement of senselessness, so on the subject of sugar, I avoid the acceptance of tasteless baselessness knowing that it has actually proven, namely in the case of “sugar tax” and “race”, to be a cataclysmic flop.

The main cause of the persistence of this situation is well known; this isn’t some vague “spirituality” hot-swap crap, specifics are identified this is like GOD were people are identifying the real truth amidst all other false and misleading bullshit, and learning from the truth’s lessons, and religiously working to put relevant remedies in effect.

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