This session is going to be me once more getting back to the basic observations of certain issues surrounding the matter of health, particularly focusing more extensively on sugar. I will state this upfront, doing experiments in a fxxking lad is very close to an anecdotal method when compared to realtime real-life scenarios of experience when you really think about it, because it’s not a real-life everyday environment and especially when you consider the fact that, when it comes to certain things, they have to keep throwing in the word “link” all the time as a “potential” rather than an actual proven causation; if I am having a goddamn experience it’s not a potential “link”, it’s something that actually fucking occurred. If I am saying that I don’t get fat from sugar, it is not a “link” it is something that actually fucking occurs and didn’t or does not have to be done in a “lab” on rats. Also when you hear “studies”, take note that “studies” are usually done on a few or a small group of people, they are in no way the end-all-and-be-all of anything so I can afford to give my side of the equation especially when it is not just based on “hear-say” or something I just read, and is in fact a reality that i’m actually living with.

They often talk about the fiber in fruits being beneficial in terms of sugar intake, and then they go on to talk about “spikes” in blood-sugar etc — the so-called spikes are just caused by a case of “too much” it is not magically a “spike” solely because it is sugar from processed foods vs sugar from fruits, because like I said, regardless of what they try to say to make it seem as if there is a “huge” difference between the sugar in tea and beverages and so on compared to the sugar in fruits, a diabetic can have a serious “diabetic attack” just from eating one piece of “fruit” if there is a certain concentration of natural sugar that is produced within the fruit, not no fucking proceed food but a fruit, this proves that the body is not making that huge of a distinction between the sugar in a fruit and the sugar in a drink which adds up because like I have been saying all along, the sugar in your food is the same sugar that comes from natural crops, so there is not going to be a huge difference since all sugar has the same fucking origins, and the only difference that makes a difference in both cases, is “how much” is taken or how little is taken. 

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  1. I agree Killa. Actually excess of anything is bad.

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    1. Haha hello my friend — it’s always a joy to see you Rekha <3 <3.

      Yes indeed, from all the information that I have gathered over the issue, and from people that I know personally, it shows that a balanced diet is extremely effective in controlling weight lol


  2. Sugar is indeed a bad thing, like a usually says, everything in moderation may be the answer. However, I see your point here. I also agree that it doesn’t matter the origin of the sugar at the end of the day is the same thing. Take care my friend, god bless you.

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    1. Hi Zadi it is so super to see you my friend. You are right, sugar is bad if not used in moderation, just like everything else that isn’t used in moderation lol. This presents a case where Sugar is no worse than alot of other things that people generally consume on a daily basis and may not be doing so in moderation.

      The thing that is suspicious to me, is that some sources who declare affiliation with the health industry claim, through various articles, that sugar causes weight gain but I am left with question marks as to how they arrived at this conclusion especially when, not eating so much food overall, is the only thing that has the opposite effect of weight-gain, whereas, I don’t see anyone that has ever lost weight just by taking sugar out of food while still continuing to eat the same food.

      Usually, when people say that they “cut out sugar” it’s misleading because it’s usually not just sugar that they cut out, what is actually cut out from their diet is a whole list of high-calorie foods that are often loaded with saturated fat and so-on, therefore cutting down their daily overall calorie intake substantially, which seems to be what’s really behind the weight loss, since, if they are not eating nearly as many and as much things as they regularly do, then this would make it more difficult for the body to have enough bulk to slowly metabolize and ultimately store as fat due to the body not being able to process the food at the rates that would allow it to burn more food than is being consumed.

      Sorry that I typed so much my friend lol

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      1. No problem. You seems to have vast information about this topic. I am learning from you my friend.

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        1. Hey, I am glad to see you again and very thankful to read and to receive your terrific input and compliment Zadi.

          I always learn alot from you about life in general aswell, and I am grateful that you found value in my thoughts and expressions and I really cherish that <3 <3. Thanks to you as always my friend ✌✌😄

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