Starting the session off today by making clear that it is easy to prove that sugar does not make people *fat*, neither does it get stored as fat that claim is basically an unsubstantiated silly myth. Sugar either gets used up on a cellular level by the body or it just gets moved out of the body as waste, where, you either pass it out through bowels or urine. Sugar has no actual fat molecules, that is another thing most people need to realize; sugar and salt are the two most common things that have no fat molecules, so it’s unlikely that sugar is actually digested into fat, this is just a stupid “evolution-like” excuse to prop-up an empty claim.

Sugar and salt do not naturally contain any trace of fat, so you are not getting fat from drinking Sweet Drinks which is also another baseless claim, there is no proof that anyone can lose any weight from just removing sugar from anything, this is not a *link* this is a provable fact. What is causing people to gain weight is because they eat too much and that is the short answer. People are over-eating and this is leading to an increase of weight, because just as similarly, when people substantially reduce their overall daily intake of food, they substantially reduce their weight overtime; this does not necessarily mean that they are totally healthy since the key is balance, but it is proof that there is a direct correlation between high amounts of food intake and high amounts of weight gain.

Another thing to note is that there has been numerous times where things like avocado and so-on have been recommended to people to eat because they contain a supply of “fat”; while the purpose of me using this example is not to suggest that avocado is unhealthy, it is used to show that this proves that people can actually gain body-fat directly from solid foods that actually contain “fat” molecules, so it is solid-food that contain fat that actually has the ability to give body-fat to individuals and not things like sugars and salts which naturally have no known traces of actual “fat”.

Diabetic attacks and high-blood-pressure are proof that sugar does not “break down” or convert in to fat; the rate at which diabetics can get diabetic-attacks is consistent with the rate of speed that blood flows through the body, which means that sugar, just like the salt, are most likely being dissolved into the blood-stream as their original molecular structures and not as fat. The rate at which solid foods digest, is totally different and these foods, which just like the avocados, actually contain fat compounds such as “saturated fat” etc, are most likely the lead causes of body-fat bulk and not compounds like salt and sugar which do not contain any form of *fat.

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  1. be safe and have a great day and a great week too Dulcy ✌✌

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    1. Thanks a ton my friend, it means so much πŸ‘πŸ˜„

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