It’s ok to look at this Coronavirus thing as some kind of “war” if it makes some folks feel good psychologically, but this is more of a situation of “friendly fire”, I mean, how else does it really come to this?. This is not an outside force, this is self-destructive fucking behavior — it being the notion of a war atleast gets some people to take action as opposed to just mindlessly spreading conspiracy theories, but the so-called perceived war is not that of a foreign intrusion, this is a matter of internal meltdown, this is the true source of this fuck-up. If this was a real war, we lost the war and we damn sure lost the fucking battle, so it’s just all loss period.

Hopefully, no one makes a damn mistake here and gets even more “delusional”; this doesn’t really come down to a “war” with the virus, my reason for saying this is that the “virus” doesn’t have to worry about bringing back the people who passed away because of it, which is 1 too many, and the virus doesn’t have to worry about restructuring the economies that it fucked up, this is really some friendly-fire bullshit since this was likely a virus that was first spread by some lousy person or group. How long has such things been going on?; if this is a “war” this is a “war” within the human culture — be mindful of the reality that the virus didn’t just automatically walk into someones’ possession.

This ain’t no damn real war, this “War” is as a result of “friendly-fire”; essentially fools being fools. The spread of this thing is the fault of humans it was at a fucking Chinese market with certain people fucking around stuff that originated this issue. Atleast this is what was reported and I would have to give this the benefit of the doubt because this is exactly the same way other food-related outbreaks have occurred over many decades, i.e, in restaurants, eateries etc.

So if anyone were in a “war” with this thing as if it’s a game, it resulted in a very bad loss in a span of just a few months, and the retreat was to just do a damn curfew or some lockdown and just hope that it goes away. Nobody won this “war”; this war was the result of “human error”; a pure exemplified predicament of “friendly-fire” — a dilemma of folks jumping-the-gun and trying to get way ahead of basic standards and the use if fucking brains, literally causing self-inflicted viral-wounds which infected lots of people.

Atleast if you tried to do something like: you wore your mask, gloves, sanitized etc; atleast you can say you put up a resistance. If you were actively involved in saving lives, then atleast you can say that you helped save lives, and lets not forget that those who were actually infected, were fighting for their lives — these are those who did things that were meaningful. These folks actually did something, they were not just sitting by and regurgitating falsehoods and spreading their own kind of “virus” out of their disturbed psychopathicallydamaged air-dense hollow-craniums about Conspiracy Theories, they have actually shown and displayed an eagerness to do things in this kind of situation.

This virus is just a virus, this isn’t a damn war with this virus, this is the internal friendly-fire of stupidity, the virus isn’t the one wasting time, this virus isn’t the one playing games, it doesn’t care if you are political or if you are rich, it doesn’t care if you have “Red” or if you have “Bronze”; whatever bimbo foolishness someone could possibly be thinking of in a situation like this, the coronavirus is uninterested, and more importantly, unaffected, this is why it’s CRITICAL to stop the friendly fire and internal self-destruction by doing proper relevant things which won’t create an atmosphere for viruses to “mutate” and “spread” and transmit and things like this.

2 thoughts on “COMMENT [645]

  1. It was really nice to hear your thoughts on this real war i.e Corona virus. As always Loved reading it πŸ˜€ πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. Hahaa thank you for reading my friend; I love and appreciate your comment.

      Exactly, the Coronavirus is serious business and is not something fictitious like some people think lol

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