Another reason that shows the idea that most people gain weight because of “sugar” is pure silliness, is also the reality that there are plenty of foods that people, who are quite large, consume on a regular basis that do not contain sugar and instead contain mostly salts that are mostly fatty and solid foods, and they consume alot more of these foods, per-pound and per-calorie, than they actually spend drinking, this also shows that weight gain is most likely coming from high and heavy food consumption, which I may also add is very well a habit that the individuals can control, than it is related to sugar in drinks.

When alot of people want real satisfactory food,
they are not eating donuts and bagels; they are eating things like large fries, with a burger that has about 4 layers of beef or chicken, or chunks and pieces of steaks, that are not even cooked all that well in some instances, with mountains or plates of macaroni or some pasta etc etc — this heavy consumption of food over a span of a lifetime, is the leading cause of weight gain.

Again, these clowns who are sources that claim to be affiliated with in the health industry are not fooling anyone with this misleading rubbish,
and some of these affiliates in the health field are actually high on the weight-scale themselves, which also proves that what they are saying is baseless junk, because if they are following their own advice and the garbage that they are putting out, but at the same time are still fat, it proves that what they are saying does not work…

Alot of food is only “junk food” because people are eating too much of it, and even wasting food; it’s the “overeating” habit that makes it “junk” because you don’t need to be eating too much food — too much of anything is a “junk” habit, so it’s the habits of people that is “junk” not the actual food. If some people were in different environments and not able to consume so much or have the ease of access to food as is the case in most modern societies, then they wouldn’t be able to overeat and develop “junk habits” over food, that is what is leading to unhealthy habits and alot of wasted “food”, food that isn’t “junk” and foods that are actually quite valuable.

The issue that these fools have is that they believe that they can throw out any silly rubbish and it would automatically be accepted as long as they make people believe that they are talking about natural vegetables and fruits, but that’s not how it works.

People cannot be allowed to just spew misleading and wrong information out there, and get a pass because they are “experts”
and they portray to be doing a very noble job on behalf of the sanctity of “fruits” and “vegetables”. Inaccuracies and misleading information is not going to get a pass because someone is talking about “fruits and vegetables” if their unsubstantiated dogma is just inaccuracies and misleading information. I don’t give a hoot if they are trying to promote “coconuts” and “beans”the belief that sugar is responsible for weight gain is silliness and wrong information, and this bad information has the potential to influence bad habits and unwise silliness.

See, they are probably counting on you to be “shocked” or clueless, but if you believe in their rubbish, this is exactly how someone will ironically end up, basically, a gullible dufus not knowing anything about anything, where these big fools can just throw something out or pull a fast one and it will be accepted, as long as it’s painted with “fruits” and “vegetables”. Let me just remind people that a “fruit” is what fucked up Adam and Eve — they ate stuff based on bad information. So this is what i’m saying, eating things based on bad information can have the same Adam and Eve fucked-up situation re-running itself.

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