I am going to discuss with you what it looks to me like “evolution” actually is. An “Evolution”, a true “evolution”, is truly and essentially “a better version of something” that is more advanced and more improved than the previous version. If we as humans can make “better” versions of things, then I know for a fact that GOD certainly has the capability to do so as well, and as far as I can tell, he didn’t seem to necessarily do this because there is no life-form on earth that is exactly the same kind but just a better version with all of the original abilities and traits, plus additional ones, that makes it an actual better “evolved” version that would make the previous version that it “evolved” from, completely obsolete.

Keep in mind that I am saying this based on the general context in which the word “evolution” is often used to indicate an “advanced” or a “better” version of a thing, person, animal or place. Usually when some people say “evolution”, the idea that the “evolution” is the “advanced” or “better” state/form of something else or a previous version, is exactly what they mean.

So there are no actual real living examples of evolution that exist among species that live on earth, which is what makes this whole “evolution” perception just bogus fictitious buffoonery, because usually what some people point to as examples of an “evolution” is just a case of something that has a “similarity” to something else at best. So “evolution” is just a “loosely used term in reality when we are talking about the areas of life and the physical characteristics of different animals and how they compare to humans and vice-versa etc etc.

There are no actual real examples of “evolution” found in any species of life-form that exists today that are an exact version of something else except just more “improved” and “advanced” while still retaining all of the “original” traits and abilities etc etc that the previous version had before the “evolution” took place, so realistically, “evolution” does not exist in many of the areas that it is said to exist; it is generally just tons of exaggerations and blowing “similarities” out of proportion to suggest they are “evolutions” of something else for baseless theoretical reasons.

This is why there is always these proposals that there are “links” because there has to be something that shows that there has been previously existing versions that had developed all of the signature traits and features “gradually” over-time, and in the process of this sequence, ultimately “evolving” until they have reached to the most recent advanced evolved form, and so far, this is what alot of these folks that believe in this evolution stuff, have a hard time establishing since they cannot really find the previous versions that gradually developed one-after-the-other into better versions.

Usually, when the word “evolution” is used, its typically just inserted as a reference to mere change, and sometimes that “change” exemplifies a worst off” iteration or circumstance compared to what a real evolution is supposed to be and represent, so sometimes when I hear evolution, I just substitute the word evolution with change and then the context will begin to make actual sense, otherwise is you take the term “evolution” literally, it may not sound too reasonable and actually quite confusing since some folks just throw around words without any true understanding of what they mean.

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