Let me clarify to folks that I believe in GOD, he’s not just something that’s figurative to me or something that I see just as a convenient alliance for cosmetic idolization or publicity purposes, I don’t just see GOD as some static spiritual idea; essentially for me this is not a philosophy, it’s not an ideology or something that I just “know” or know about. I actually “believe” in GOD, meaning that I believe what he’s saying — I believe his way is the best way and don’t just know, I am not a knower, I am a fucking believer, I believe in GOD.

So I don’t care to “know” what a fool thinks they “know”; I “believe” in GOD and I don’t care to understand whatever silliness some folks “know” about and are distracted with that is out there — this would be just a pathetic use of brain-cells to even condone. I believe in the lifestyle of Jesus Christ because he was influenced by the way of holiness. I believe in the ways of GOD; some people seem to think that Jesus is just a title; this is how spiritual people think, they look at the name and the labels not values and principles. They are “spiritual” in name because it’s not Christian, and they tell you that they “know” — they always “know” something, but I don’t need to know the bullshit that they know. They claim “spirituality” and things like this, but I don’t know about that, I “believe” in GOD, I am not just a “knower”, I am a believer.

I believe in it so that it has become religious commitment because believing in GOD is not just what some person claims to know or something and then they feel that they knowingly have a good rhetorical case to present to “his/her people”. Believe in GOD is a joy of devotion, and this is where alot of hot-swap shortsighted switchers drop off. They talk about what they know, they chat about this and that philosophy but the religious “commitment” is what really shows those who just “know” from those who “live”, and those who just talk from those who actually believe what the fuck they are saying. I believe in GOD, it’s not just my interest to idolize in superficial frenzy, I commit to build something and revolutionize with the real help of GOD’s righteous revitalizations.

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    1. haha, I am grateful πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  1. Very nice thoughts πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

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    1. thank you very much my friend πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

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