I’m going to set the record straight on this issue about “same-sex” and “traditional marriage”; what needs to be made explicitly clear is that the thing about homosexuality is the “implications” it actually has, it’s not just based on anybody’s frivolous personal “feelings” and how they preferentially see this and how they preferentially don’t see that, this is based on how reality functions so it’s much bigger issue than that, and it’s primarily about the implications that it actually has when people do things that actually have significant consequences. The circumstance of this situation is similar to an instance where I have an idea and then some political-fool is going to tell me I need to include their shitty idea into my idea; this is exactly what the issue is when it comes to homosexual lifestyles and religious practices.

No one is concerned about what people do with themselves in their “private lives”, so logically anyone who is interested in their own fetishes, should also keep it to their selves and inside of their own personal dwellings, but why then has it become an issue for “the church”, if people are perfectly able to do what they want in their own homes and in their own lives and at their own will?. Why the flip are these twisted behaviors being brought as a matter for the church to deal with, when the church has been known to have been honoring the union of men and women for decades according to tradition?; to me this is the real question, how in the fxxk did religion get involved with the practice of homosexuality which has nothing to do with it?, this makes no sense — it is retarded as fuck and hypocritical.

Lets specify where the krap i’m coming from, there is “irresponsibility”, there is greed and there is ““hypocrisy”, some fools are habitually a bunch of contradictory bitches; I have a habit of giving specifics because I like to remind these people that there is still folks like myself around that, though may not be perfect, still care about integrity and who don’t take these things lightly, and see integrity as an extremely critical priority, not just bullshit to talk about and skin teeth over in the media and on radio.

This is what shitheads need to understand, this comes down to the “principle” of the matter and these folks are just being “political” because it makes no sense that the “Church” should have to be included with anything concerning “homosexuality”, when “homosexuality” has never been apart of the church’s practices.

The general “implications” that this kind of perversion can have on society and the use of politics to systemically append these perversions to certain fundamental areas of robust constructive societal values, is what’s receiving awareness. Some will say that people must “accept” this because it is in the name of love, I don’t buy this nonsense — keep that drivel ridden fuckry to themselves. Now, there is also another critical thing about this issue that needs to be set straight, but, i’ll save this for the weeks ahead…

Alot of this is a motherfxxking charade — this is what many people are actually realizing, it’s no longer a matter of respect and dignity, but a matter which has become very “political” because anybody using their fucking head knows that there is absolutely no reason why the gay lifestyle needs a Church or religious communities to be involved when they can perfectly conduct their desires among themselves freely, so this is what i’m saying, this issue is no longer about dignity and respect; gays and homosexuals and folks with other fetishes can be in any church at any time just like anyone else — this issue has risen to a level that is no longer comprehensible because of the amount of *politics that is involved with the issue.

Furthermore, homosexuality is generally recognized as a “social disorder”, it’s very “twisted” and its associated life-style is a “personal preference” which no one is obligated to take seriously or “encourage” or “support” because it is a practice that has actual societal consequences of which are governed by the laws of nature and not the laws of man, so if anyone who has an interest in homosexuality can take it upon themselves to live active lives of homosexuality, what is also preventing them from starting their own homosexual marriage-arrangements?; they have the basic human right just like everybody else, and they can take part in church ceremonies just like everybody else, it’s just that they can’t tell the Church how to conduct its traditional practices which are according to the “gospels” which actually are not based on “discrimination” and is just opposed to “behaviors” and “habits” of a particular kind because of the real and significant effects that they fundamentally have on life’s quality and intrinsic purpose. It is not a matter for anyone to encourage or promote anyone else’s personal affinity for lust, fetishes or deviance. Most religious beliefs especially that of Christianity, at the core, are an embrace of the nature that we are apart of, not an attempt to distort or corrupt it.

Nobody is encouraging “incest”, no one is encouraging “Bestiality” or any of these other kinds of behaviors for obvious reasons, so why is there a special expectation that the behavior of “homosexuality” is a “reasonable” one?. If someone wants to marry an animal, why does the church have to be involved in actually supporting the bullshit behavior if people can freely “marry” if they see fit?. Whether they can “marry” or not is a bullshit political issue, this is not really a church issue, so how did the church get involved in actively encouraging acts of twisted behaviors?, what makes this twisted-behavior more “special” than any other twisted-behavior?.

Yeah this is how I deliver — super powerful deflect. Bullshit I don’t “accept”, it gets deflect with 30-times the factual force. I am a master fucking deflector :D.

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  1. Great post๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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    1. Aww thanks alot my friend; it’s very cool seeing what you think about it ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„

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