I am going to give you all a little unconventional perspective that helps pick apart and debunk this myth that sugar is related to weight gain in any way. Now even when you look in the animal kingdom, you will see that in the animal kingdom there are some fairly large animals, in many cases, this weight gain is obviously partly driven by genetics and is pure muscle mass, but sometimes, this weight gain occurs to the point where you can see that the weight is clearly affecting the animal’s movement, agility etc, and there is only one way that they can become so huge and that is because of what they are EATING, not what they are “drinking” and it’s clearly not because of “sugar”.

Although this is an observation of animals and creatures in the wild and there is not that many animals who have managed to grow to these sizes, it still shows that this is pretty much a reality that does occur and it also puts into perspective that things like “sugar” and “processed food” have alot “less” of anything to do with the overall issue of weight gain than the general act of eating frequently itself.

Lets take a look at domesticated versions of animals like “Crocodiles”, “Tigers” etc, in most of these instances these animals, who are held as pets etc, tend to grow extremely bigger than average, and it’s usually not because they are fed foods that are made for humans, usually, they are actually fed the raw unprocessed version of meats etc and they still manage to grow very hugely sized, even to the point where, when you look closely, you are able to spot signs of some animals that are over the average size in weight and they seem alot slower and heavier than animals in their species typically are, and you even notice that, in some areas of their bodies, there seems to be an accumulation of *excessive flabby flesh, now obviously folks can’t say that these particular large-sized animals are that big because of the “processed foods”, especially when it comes to birds because most birds just eat and are just fed vegetation the majority of the time.

This seems to conclude the reality, atleast on the issue of weight gain, that if *anything does in fact eat often and regular enough, it/they can actually become overweight. So in the case of animals that seem to be heavier and slower and way bigger than average, to the point that they can be considered overweight, the only way to actually control their size, especially the ones held as domesticated pets etc, whether they are mostly vegetarian like birds or carnivorous like Tigers and Lions and Crocodiles, would be to reduce the amount of food that they have access too, and this will ultimately cause them to lose the weight of the accumulated fat; there is no way around this.

In general, the reason why most animals don’t get excessively large in size, in contrast to the animals who are domesticated, is because they don’t have the ease of access to food in order to achieve these sizes since surviving in the wild is very difficult and sometimes they may have to go days and even weeks without food.

This is identically the same situation with humans, shitheads talk about it’s the proceed food, but it’s not really the sole access to “process foods” specifically, it is the general “access” to “high amounts” of food frequently, that is the main contributor to the weight gain, and if you were to reduce the food amount, this results in a loss of weight. It’s because of overeating that people get fat, and the lack of balance in the diet is what actually leads to some of the other issues like hypertension, bloodclots, stroke etc; this is the proper perspective, not the unsubstantiated dogma which is claiming that it’s “sugar” that some silly fools are coming with. Again you can slowly pick these people’s foolish perceptions fundamentally apart from a variety of angles, just by looking at what nature is presenting to you.

So these people who are trying to convince everyone that sugar is the cause of weight gain when there is so much evidence and reality that shows that sugar cannot possibly be the cause of people gaining so much weight, is hilarious. They don’t expect people who are not considered experts to actually examine the merits of such claims, but when something sounds stupid as fuck, you just can’t help it.

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  1. Please lend your voice to end police brutality in my country #SARSMustEnd. Racial or not, police brutality is wrong on all shores across the world. Just like George Floyd or any other killings by the police. Those we put in charge of our safety have no right to be the reason we die. All forms of #SarsMustEndNow, I refuse to pull my own trigger. Please follow my webpage or follow @sejaypages on facebook and instagram. like share repost. Lend us your voice today. Thank you

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    1. Hi, good to see you and I am glad to have your comment. Yes I am against all forms of brutality, all forms of corruption and all forms of unjust acts and injustice, and I also do not accept prejudice of any kind for any reason.

      So it is good to know that you are apart of these initiatives to promote peace and progressive steps towards helping people in denouncing these terrible acts of indignity wherever this may occur because I am fully aware that bad judgment and toxic ways carry no face or race and has no limits, boundaries or borders; so thank you very much for bringing your information to my attention and I hope that you keep up your efforts.

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      1. I appreciate you Killa. Let’s kill man inhumanity to man. In all its forms be it Racism or just brutality, bad governance all around the world has to end. Rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Stay safe, stay strong. Lend your voice.


        1. Lol yeah, that’s exactly what I stand for aswell. For me, it’s just really about common decency and knowing that racism does exist but there are a whole set of issues that also need to be addressed at the same time, that can be very cancerous in their own right and have chain effects.

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      2. Please help post on your blog as well. Let’s get the message out there. Please. Simply reblog. It’s just a push of a button. Thanks boss


        1. Hahaa, hi sejay and thank you so much for your show of support for humanitarian initiatives. As far as blogging goes, my activities here on wordpress are not promotional in nature but I have no problem with checking out your wordpress, facebook and twitter pages and so-on to gather more information concerning how you are dealing with this issue and to perhaps know more about you lol

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          1. Alright then. Stay tuned on instagram and facebook @sejaypages

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            1. I absolutely will, and thanks once more for letting me know abot that and where you stand on these issues. They are important and it is good to meet likemined individuals who are also supporting a mission that is much much bigger than all of us individually.

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