Observations and being quiet and not gossiping is how you really learn stuff. Where ever I can, I like to tell people about things from a “vigilance” perspective, through experience and so-on, since I realize that sometimes, people just take things and run with them, or read things and just run with them and throw all kinds of unfounded crap out there which just leaves a void of ignorance and an opportunity for common knowledge to fill. So when you see me talking about health etc, this is not stuff I just read in a book and then come and repeat things to you; there is literally no point in that. I’m coming from a perspective that I really know how to use my own thought process, knowledge is not just what you read in a book, it’s having the capacity to reason and comprehend and understand things based on what’s realistic. Alot of people have the book content memorized, but in certain areas, they seem not to be very intuitive because they don’t really have anything intrinsically relevant since it’s not given to them in a book, and you really don’t want your ability to think, and reason and know stuff for what it is, being dependent upon whether or not somebody else puts it in a book or not, so this is what i’m talking about when I mention next-level thinking and next-level vision, it’s about “comprehension” and “discerning” things and reasoning, where, you’re actually thinking — this approach helps you to see reality “realistically” and you’ll be very mentally capable as a result for real life situations. This is the next level kind of thinking for life in general because you don’t want folks going around thinking that they have the power over your mind because they have some stuff that they can pick and choose who sees it and who doesn’t — that is how I see this issue. Not everybody thinks like this, but this is exactly why i’m doing what i’m doing since there are many times when the opportunity presents itself that I can inject a bit of reality into the circumstance, i’m not just merely a “regurgitator” so to speak — it’s really not all that healthy to believe everything you read either. Reading on it’s own is not practical, you don’t just want to be that guy throwing stuff out there because you read it, this may work in the Media or some non-essential capacity, perhaps on some show etc, but it’s not actually productive. Like I said numerous times, some folks “read”, but it’s like they are fond of “reading” material on how to be feeble and backward as boneheads, because the things that they say and think, makes them look inept and pretty clueless, they “read” and they think exactly like it, since, half the shit they talk is either not applied relevantly, or it’s just wrong and easy as fuck to korrekt — they are not really following up on what it is they are “reading”, or they are just taking things out of context most of the time; they may claim to read, but they actually “misread”.

So this is why I make it clear, alot, that I don’t just like to read, however some folks are kind of slow, I presume it’s because all they do is read irrelevant nonessential nonsense and in-turn, “misread” alot of real-life stuff, but they don’t think healthy so they feel that just because you don’t “like” to read, it means that you “don’t” read, but its never said that you “don’t” read, you just said that you don’t “like” to read and this is mainly due to the fact that, compared to other things you like doing, just reading may not be a preferred use of time, so you can see from this example that just because someone does read, it doesn’t mean that they are mentally sound reasoners or that they can actually understand things, they may claim to “read” but their “reading” is actually “misreading” — i’m not really interested in what certain people think about if I read or not, I don’t want them to get too comfortable thinking that their views of me over mundane bullshit is something that is meaningful in any way shape or form to me, I have better things to worry about; i’m not just someone who just reads stuff just to read or would vote just to vote, I am not going to just “vote” if I not compelled too. I don’t need to play politics; I can take my own stand and you can start your own stuff. If people take their own stand, the politician ain’t doing shit, and the dictator ain’t doing shit because it’s the people that truly run the country, so if no political party is doing anything that makes a whole lot of sense, you don’t have to support either side. That too is your right — of course the politicians are going to tell you that you need to vote, they need you to vote so that they can be politicians; see this is how intelligent people truly realistically view things, they don’t go by-the-book and follow it just cause they read it.

I don’t read just to read, I already know I can read, why the fuck would I read just to read?, and this is another thing, I read many things not just books, I even “read” between the fxxking lines. I “preferably” read things that have “practical” translation, so i’m more like a “researcher”. Just plain old reading is not even remotely “stimulating” for a mind such as mines, there has to be something more, so usually if i’m reading, it’s something that leads to some greater practical use or application, so I read all kinds of things to help me be more effective on a practical basis — I read labels, I pay attention to markings or the writings on signs etc, in fact I like to pay attention more importantly — i’m a very vigilant individual thanks to paying attention to things.

So this is what I say to people; do not underestimate the power of wisdom and the act of just paying attention to what is happening around you and being vigilant.

10 thoughts on “COMMENT [658]

  1. You are very wise my friend, one of the few male, that actually knows how to read women related topics. You don’t have to explain yourself. Your thoughts are very align with someone that thinks, and acts in a good way. Thanks for sharing this post. Many blessings to you.

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    1. Wow that is joyous to read Zadi πŸ˜„πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•. I am so happy with the fact that you see this marvelous quality in me and I also personally love your topical subjects which you bring upon your website because they always help me to better myself as a male and be more understanding about certain issues that I generally had no experience with or clue about, so I definitely must express to you my deep admiration and appreciation and thank you so much for your awesome comment. I also wish you a very lovely day aswell my friend βœŒβ˜€πŸŒΊπŸ˜„

      I am glad that I am seeing you today because I actually had every intention of visiting your site today to get updated on things from the recent feedback I left on a few of your topics hahaha

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      1. Your kind words and support are always appreciated!!

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        1. hey likewise Zadi πŸ‘πŸ˜‚, chatting with you has always been special and very delightful πŸ’™πŸ’™βœŒπŸ€©

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          1. Thanks, same here!!

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            1. awww I am happy about that Zadi, it means alot to me πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸ’™πŸ’™

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  2. Fabulous post written so nicely πŸ‘Œ loved this line ‘knowledge is not just what you read in a book, it’s having the capacity to reason and comprehend and understand things based on what’s realistic’
    Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    have a great day ahead πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•

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    1. Wow thank you my friend πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ˜„. Its awesome to have the support and to actually know that people are taking the time to read my material, and what usually adds to the pleasure is when someone sees a line of thought or context that really sticks out to them like you have — that’s very cool hahaha.

      Thank you for your comment which I deeply cherish, thank you for wishing me a great day and you have a great day ahead too buddy 🀩✌️<3

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        1. hahaa I appreciate it Dulcy πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’•

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